Volunteer Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Do you want to further your interest in art through educational study groups? Do you want become more involved in exciting activities supporting the Winnipeg Art Gallery? Then you should join the Volunteer Associates of The Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Since 1948 the Volunteer Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery have been a stalwart supporter of the WAG, raising money through a wide range of fund-raising events. All funds raised are donated to the Gallery for exhibition support, art acquisitions, and art class scholarships.

Membership in the Volunteer Associates offers many opportunities to support the visual arts in our community while enriching your own art knowledge

  • art education with study groups where members prepare and present papers on selected art topics
  • private visits to artist studios and homes of local collectors
  • travel tours to galleries and museums around the world
  • an opportunity to assist with special events such the annual Home Tour of Winnipeg’s finest homes
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  • click here to see the Volunteer Associates newsletter about all their latest activities

Looking forward to celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2013, the Volunteer Associates are proud of their accomplishments. They have:

  • contributed to the acquisition of more than 1,800 works of art
  • awarded more than 900 Studio Programs scholarships to young artists
  • donated countless books to the Clara Lander Library
  • helped in setting up the Winnipeg Art Gallery Foundation and have contributed over $880,000 to it
  • have supported Through the Eyes of a Child and other exhibitions

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