Message from the Director & CEO

This past summer, I had the privilege, along with my wife Hazel and son Roman,
of touring the Heart of the Arctic on the Ocean Endeavour with Adventure Canada. We were fortunate to visit many communities in Nunavik, Nunavut, and Greenland, meeting with artists, elders, and lots of children. One of the highlights of the expedition was seeing the Arctic and the Inuit culture through the eyes of a child, my ten-year-old son.

Only a handful of Canadians will ever see the land of the Inuit and the context for their incredible artmaking enterprise. That’s perhaps why Canada’s Inuit Art Centre (IAC), being developed right here at the WAG, is so important to our understanding of the Inuit. While textbooks, maps, and videos play an important role in a child’s education about the North and Indigenous cultures, a trip to the Centre will bring students face to face with Inuit carvings, prints, drawings and textiles, and the chance to meet with the creators of these works.

It has been an exciting fall for the Inuit Art Centre project. The WAG started planning a home for its celebrated Inuit art collection, which numbers close to 14,000 works, more than three decades ago, and with recent developments and announcements we are getting closer to making the Centre a reality.

Through art and artmaking, the Centre will foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Indigenous art and
culture. The art, life, and history of the Inuit will be highlighted through exhibitions, programs, research, education,
and partnerships with Inuit artists and arts organizations in the North.

The Centre is a bridge, enabling peoples from northern and southern communities to meet, learn, and work together. It will also act as a cultural hub promoting economic development and tourism. The link between North and South is
critical to the IAC’s success; in fact, the connection is at the heart of this project. To learn more about the Centre visit
The Inuit Art Centre Projectexhibition at the WAG.

Of course there is a lot more going on at the WAG, which you can read about in this issue of myWAG—or visit

Thank you for supporting the WAG in so many ways —through your attendance, volunteering, donations,
and feedback. Best wishes for the holidays and Happy New Year!

Stephen Borys, PhD, MBA
Director & CEO

October 14:The Winnipeg Foundation announced their $950,000 contribution to the Inuit Art Centre project. Commemorating their 95th anniversary, it is the largest gift in the Foundation’s history.

November 19:The Premiers of Manitoba and Nunavut signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which includes a partnership between Nunavut and the WAG. Nunavut’s Fine Art Collections, numbering more than 7,000, will be transferred to the WAG for a five-year loan with $1 million in joint funding.

November 20: The Honourable Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba, announced that the Province will contribute $15
to the IAC building project.

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