Lecture - From Athena to Wonder Woman: Pop Culture and Classical Myth

Saturday November 28 at 2pm

Dr. Christopher W. Marshall (UBC) explores ancient mythological representation of Athena, the popular Greek goddess of war and wisdom, and links them to pop culture representations of powerful women in modern comics like Wonder Woman, and others from recent Marvel movies.

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Talk - The Mechanics of Ancient Writing

Saturday, December 5 from 2pm to 4pm

Before there were computers, indelible markers, and lined paper for the masses, there were reed-pens, sheets of papyrus, and relatively few who were versed in their use. In this seminar, led by papyrologists Dr. Matt Gibbs from the University of Winnipeg and Dr. Mike Sampson from the University of Manitoba, we’ll learn about ancient writing technology and how hundreds of thousands of texts on papyri have survived to modern times. The seminar will also include a hands-on portion, in which participants will play the role of scribe and experience what it was like to write on sheets of papyrus.


Talk - Rome and Jerusalem: Worlds in Collision

Wednesday December 16 at 12pm

Join Rabbi Alan Green for an enlightening lecture on the conflict between Hellenistic and Judaic civilization in the ancient world - East versus West, rationalism versus mysticism, matter versus spirit, and polytheism versus monotheism - and discover how it contributed to the rise of Christianity.


Seminar - It’s Really Roman and You Can Touch It

Sunday, January 17, 2016 from 2pm to 4pm

Touch the past! Inexpensive and sturdy, pottery was the plastic of the ancient world. It is the most common find at any Greek or Roman site. Archaeologists use pottery to study food and trade and even to find out the date of their sites.

Dr. Lea Stirling from the University of Manitoba brings pottery from her excavations at a Roman town in Tunisia and shares about her experience in the field. Handle a variety of real ancient artefacts and practice drawing, photographing, and studying ancient pottery like an archaeologist.


Lecture - Craft and Craftiness: Cunning Agencies in Greek Art

Sunday January 31, 2016 at 2pm

Unlike today, art and architecture in ancient Greece was less driven by enthusiasm for technical innovation than animated by agencies of near magical craftiness. Join Dr. Lisa Landram, Professor of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, for an intriguing look into Greek myth and the foretold crafty capabilities endowed by gods like Athena, Hephaestus, and Prometheus, practiced by mythic artisans and heroes like Daedalus and Odysseus, and approximated by mortals, such as Phidias and Polykleitos.

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