Kathy Long

Winnipeg, MB

Kathy Long attained an honours degree in fine arts from the University of Manitoba in 1975 after several years of study with well known artists Ivan Eyre, Robert Archambeau and George Swinton. Majoring in ceramics, she and classmate Joan Jarvis opened Dovetail Pottery on Lilac Street in 1976. Her ceramics work has been included in international, invitational and juried shows. In the early 80s she moved to the Beausejour Brokenhead area east of Winnipeg and turned her focus primarily to painting, showing with the Brian Melnychenko Gallery and Fay Settler at the Upstairs Gallery in Winnipeg until 2002. In 2000 a major focus became the Rainy River First Nations Historical Center in Ontario, working closely with landscape architect Heather Cram, of Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram, to illustrate the  Ojibwa history in a series of six large murals.

Her work is presently available through Richard Kroeker at the Nunavit Gallery, 603 Corydon, and Art Rentals and Sales at the WAG. She has lived in the Agassiz forest of Manitoba with her husband Ross Rankin for the past thirty years.


Dreaming August


Passing Waves

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