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Authored by: Rachel Baerg on December 1, 2009

Jeorg Stocker (attributed to) Adoration of the Magi.

Hello everyone! We can’t quite believe it is December already, can you?

We’ve had a pretty adventurous November with over 700 students touring the galleries with us and our many volunteer tour guides. We have so many great exhibitions up right now that it has been a good time for students to come and check out a neat variety of different artwork produced at different times throughout history and from different places all over the world including Europe, Cuba, and way up North in Inukjuak, Canada.

As promised, we want to share with you some of the highlights of our month in the following features:

Kid’s Art Pick of the Month
This month students of all ages highlighted The Adoration of the Magi (pictured above) as being their favourite in the Gallery. They thought the painting was very interesting and quite mysterious. What do you think?

The painting is featured in our EUROfix exhibition and it dates back to about 1500 AD- that’s over 500 years ago! It tells the Biblical story of the three Kings or Wise men who journeyed from faraway lands to see the Christ Child. This story was a very popular subject for religious altarpieces long ago. It is a large wood panel painting packed full of curious and very beautifully painted costumes and other details. Come in to the Gallery and check it out. See if you like it too.

Quirky Quotes About Art
We love hearing student responses to their visit to the Gallery and to our tour guides. A few weeks ago, one of our guides took a group of 6-7 year old students through our EUROfix exhibition showing them and telling them all about a number of paintings that were created 400 or 500 years ago. One young boy looked at the guide in amazement of all her knowledge and after she was finished talking made the comment, “Boy, you must be really old to have lived through all of that!”

Mystery Masterpiece
How good are your eyes? Take a look at the picture above right. Can you figure out what this detail from one of our sculptures is? Have you been to the Gallery recently? Can you remember which sculpture this detail is from?

Family Challenge of the Month
Come into the Gallery with your family sometime soon and search for our brand new kids activity cards designed for you to have fun with in the different galleries here at the WAG. Choose at least 2 cards to complete with your family, then take the cards home and send us your at home project on our website. Tell us what you think of the cards? Did you learn a lot? Did you have fun? We want to hear from you!

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and……..stay tuned for our January SPLAT!
Rachel and Aline




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