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Summer Programming - SOLD OUT!

Calling all summer camps, day care centres and other kids groups! Consider bringing your group to the WAG this summer for one of our educational programs. 90-minute interactive tours and 90-minute workshops are available all summer.

Learning Through Art

WAG school programs encourage inquiry and critical thinking through conversation, sketching, and writing, as well as interactive learning exercises based on current exhibitions. Our cross-curricular 90-minute interactive tours and our 90 minute workshops meet Curriculum Outcomes in Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and French. 

Types of Programs:

Self-Guided Visit
Lead your own students through the exhibition. 

Guided Interactive Tour
Choose the perfect 90-minute tour for your group. 

Tour and Studio Workshop
For a more immersive experience, add a 90-minute studio workshop to your day.

Add additional time in the galleries to your guided tour for $15 per 10 students (additional supervision required).



Inuit Art & Life in the North • Embark on an adventurous journey exploring the WAG’s world class collection of Inuit art. Learn about life in the Arctic and discover how geography, history, and cultural traditions have shaped Canadian Inuit communities.

Group of 7 & the 4 Seasons • Discover the unique beauty of the Canadian landscape in four seasons as seen through the eyes of some of Canada’s most beloved painters including Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.

Art Explorers • Explore exciting collections of historic masterworks and have fun deciphering the story behind the pictures. What are the pictures saying? Let’s investigate the clues together.


Living Traditions & Stories in Inuit Art • Visit the WAG’s famous collection of Inuit art to learn about life and culture in the Arctic. Explore how Inuit oral traditions and stories continue into the modern day in the form of art in various media.

Group of 7 & the Canadian Landscape • Discover the history of the Group of Seven and explore an array of Canadian landscapes as seen through the eyes of some of our country’s most beloved artists including Tom Thompson, Emily Carr, Franklin Carmichael, J.E.H. MacDonald, and others.

Reflections • How can art both reflect and influence culture and identity? Visit one of Canada’s most impressive collections of art and consider how the meaning of an artwork is dependent on the specific time, place, and community it was created in.



Inuit Art in the Contemporary World • Discover how social, political, and economic changes across Canada’s Arctic are reflected in the visual arts. Explore the role Inuit artists play in communicating these developments to the rest of Canada and the world.

Group of 7 & the Canadian Identity • Explore the Group of Seven landscapes always on display at the WAG and learn why they have come to symbolize a distinctly Canadian identity.

Art in Context • Explore one of Canada’s finest art collections and learn how the context of an artwork is essential to understanding its historical and contemporary meaning. Connect works of art to a specific time, place, or community, and develop an understanding of how art reflects and influences culture and identity.


90-minute workshops can be adapted to grade levels as indicated.
Student artwork must be brought back to school.

Art Explorers (P-4) • Children create original self-portraits using a variety of art materials and techniques. This workshop allows them to explore ways in which art can express personal experience.

Mini Pot (P-12) • Explore the various shapes and original functions of vases, and create a miniature pot to take home. (Self-drying clay pots must be transported back to school. Limited access. Please bring boxes and assistants ready to help carry the boxes back to school).

Inuit Wall Hanging (K-12) • Children will explore the shapes, colours and patterns in Inuit wall hangings and create their own piece out of coloured paper.

Inuit Print (P-12) • Create your own print.

Mind Map (5-12) • Create a contextual portrait of who you using drawing techniques to explore your own who, what, where, when, and whys.

Group of 7 Landscape (1-12) • Paint a landscape on mat board. Early years create a collage landscape.

Drawing Form and Figure (5-12) • Create a large scale drawing with various dry media by studying still life and the human figure in a unique studio setting.

How to Book

Fill out the online booking request form at Programs are offered Tuesday-Friday starting at 10am.

Please allow 3 business days for confirmation of your booking.

Education office: 204.789.1290.


Self–Guided Visit (Available from 11am, 2 hours per visit): $60 per ten students or multiples thereof.* Book online, general admission rates apply to drop-in groups.

Guided Interactive Tour (Available from 10am, 90 minutes): $60 per ten students or multiples thereof.*

Tour and Studio Workshop (Includes a 90-minute tour, lunch room, and 90-minute workshop): $120 per ten students or multiples thereof.*

*Round your student numbers to the nearest ten. Max. 80 students.

Stay and explore the galleries on your own for an additional $15 per ten students. (additional supervision required).


Payment may be made by mailing a cheque in advance to the WAG or by EFT. Teachers could also bring a cheque on the day of the tour. Please note: payment is due on the day of the visit. No purchase orders please.


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