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Authored by: Aline Frechette on January 11, 2010

Ahhh…The new year has begun and there is excitement and creativity in the air at the WAG. The staff is stirring about, busily getting everything ready for yet another huge transformation of the galleries. Several of the exhibitions now up will soon go down to make way for new shows. We are looking forward to launching two awesome exhibitions this spring that will certainly be of interest for kids: The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons (March 5-May 30) and Through the Eyes of a Child (March 27-May 2).

Family Art Challenge of the Month
Stay warm this January by making beautiful sunshiny artwork that screams summer! Take a picture of your artwork and send it to youth-programs.wag.ca and we will post it on our website and start a virtual kids gallery online! Now where is my yellow paint?

WAG Kids Quiz
What kind of Gallery kid are you? Pick out your favorite things about the WAG with this quiz.

1. When is your favorite time to visit the WAG?
a) Young Weekends - Go to the gallery on the first weekend of every month with your family and we'll have new things ready for you to do everytime!
b) Birthday Party - Celebrate your birthday or someone else’s at the WAG. We put the ART back in pARTy!
c) Family Sunday - Join the crowd and see art come to life through music, dance, and theatre!

2. What art exhibition sounds like something you want to see?
a) The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons See what Bugs Bunny and all his friends are really made of.
b) The Collection on View Check out the WAG's oldest and most precious works of art from our permanent collection!
c) Through the Eyes of a Child An exhibition full of art made by kids just like you.

3. Who do you want to come to the WAG with?
a) With your family.
b) With school on a fieldtrip.
c) As long as your best friend is there you will love it.

Quirky Kids Quotes
School Program tour guides always want to know what you think about the art you see here at the WAG. Below are some Quirky Quotes kids said about our current EUROfix exhibition that features, among other things, a number of old religious painted panels from Europe:

"Is that Jesus? Wow…Look at his abs! He’s totally ripped!” (5th grader)

Tour guide: "What do you think that baby Jesus should do with all that gold”
Student: “Buy a hat”
Tour guide: “What kind of hat”
Student: “A pink cowboy hat!” (2nd grade)

“This medieval painting is like our 21st century X box!” (Grade 8 student.)

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to all the December babies who pARTied with us on their special day!
Emily - 6 years old
Christopher – 8 years old
Twins Aidan and Brody – 7 years old
Gemma – 5 years old

Thank you for celebrating with us.

That’s all from Youth Programs. See you in the Gallery!


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