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Authored by: Anna Wiebe on April 15, 2011

Greetings WAG blog readers and welcome to my inaugural post. I will be joining you now and again to highlight upcoming programs at the WAG and if you care to read more, I may even offer some of my ruminations on art education.

Organizing artist talks comes with the territory of an art educator. These take place within the walls of a museum or gallery, and over time I’ve noticed that the gallery walls often lend an event a certain predictable flavour, dare I call it “institutional”.

Like a good geek, I’ve often found myself thinking about the different spaces in which people have access to works of art and wondering how I can offer different intersections of engagement between artists, artworks, and the public. I think there is a critical difference between experiencing art in a museum and experiencing it in the studio environment in which it was created. If you’re curious to discover this difference for yourself, visual artist Tom Lovatt will be opening his studio up on April 27 for an intimate discussion and demonstration of how he works. This is an opportunity to hear an artist speak candidly in their own space.

Tom’s studio can only accommodate up to 15 people and we certainly want to compensate him for his time and for opening up his personal space, so we’re charging for tickets. They’re $20 for members or $25 for non-members and are available by calling me at 789.0516. Refreshments will be provided!

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