WAG Summer Art Camps Huge Success!

Authored by: Sam Jarmasz, Rachel Erickson, and Helga Jakobson on August 25, 2011

And so, the end of summer has arrived. After six adventurous weeks we find ourselves reminiscing about our many adventures. From day one, we knew that we would have an exciting summer. The energy and enthusiasm that the campers brought with them set the pace for a fun-filled summer!

It was wonderful how a trip to the zoo to visit the live animals gave birth to the dynamic “living sculptures” that the children created. Through various projects during the AnimaniART camp, the children were able to practice multiple mediums, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, etc., and through trips to the farm, zoo, and horse show, they were able to practice field drawing and collect source materials. Our very favourite part was witnessing the excitement that came from the children inventing their own original animals, and allowing them to come to life.

Throughout the weeks of Junior Architect camp, we engaged with Winnipeg’s downtown area, and explored the city with new eyes. The children worked with these new environments in their sketch books to collect ideas and inspiration for the building of their own miniature cities. Throughout the week the children got the chance to see what it would be like to be an architect. A process that began with preliminary sketches of floor plans and rough building designs ended with the 3-D construction of that same building. The children worked together as city planners, deciding where the roads would run through their jigsaw puzzle cities, and adding in green space, bike paths, and even solar panels!

During Graffiti week we exposed the children to Winnipeg’s urban culture. A wonderful field trip to the Graffiti Gallery taught the children how to break dance and work with graffiti lettering on unconventional surfaces. By exploring the West End on a mural tour, the children learned how Winnipeggers are working with public art to build community and send positive messages that deter vandalism and defacement. The children worked together to make their own murals, and practiced learning graffiti scripts and techniques throughout the week. It was exciting to watch them focus on the messages that they would like to share with the world and work through creative mediums to get those ideas out there.

The WAG Summer Art Camps were a huge success, and we are proud to have been a part of it. We hope everyone had a fantastic summer, and we hope to see you all (and more) next year!



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