October 15 2012, The first WAG podcast is ready!

Authored by: Leif Norman on October 15, 2012

The WAG podcast production office. Leif Norman looking busy.

After a lot of flipping through folders of images, reading old news clippings and riding my bike near and far to do interviews,

     the WAG Podcast is finally done!

Even though it is now October, I am calling the first podcast "September 2012". I promise, we will catch up.

     Wanna hear it?

Here is the iTunes link;


     or you can search for Winnipeg Art Gallery in the iTunes store and it should pop right up!

...and here is a player from Podbean, the host of the podcast;

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or here is a link if you wish to get it right from Podbean


So many ways to listen!

The original plan was to tell the complete story of the WAG building built in 1970 and also dicuss and describe the ins and outs of the building on an audio type tour, but by the time we had explained the WHY and HOW of the situation, there was no time for the WHAT. The episode would have been 40 minutes long!

So we will be going through the building, in audio, in the next podcast, from the basement up to the roof and exploring nooks and crannies of the place. And hopefully finding some historic places along the way.

For this podcast I had to teach myself how to write a script that can explain things simply and edit out unecessary aspects, and also try to speak like a proper host. All the little sounds and unrecognizable music was assembled by me on Garageband, which is excellent! I feel I could write a book on audio editing now. It's amazing how complex something has to be in order to sound clean and interesting.

Please visit the WAG's Pinterest page;


to see some supplementary images that help tell the story in the podcast.

It's been a wild ride!

The next podcast should be up before October! I hope!

Leif Norman




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