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Landscape with Trees

Woman at bottom left foreground walking on circular path; large shade trees on either side of path; cottage in b.c. background

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A Forest Road

Man and dog walking along wooded path; small stream at bottom left foreground

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Peaceful Road

Three fishermen walking along banked road, at right middleground, their poles over their shoulders; wide, tranquil river in foreground; lush, tree-lined banks at middleground

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Wide river sprinkled with water lily plants; lush trees at right and centre middleground; 2 people fishing off rock at middleground

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Landscape and Figures

Two men in bottom right foreground sitting by riverbank fishing; two men standing at bottom centre foreground; large trees at left; stone bridge in middleground; large hills in right background

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Village Scene

Village street; tall, narrow thatched-roof buildings; scattered people at bottom left foreground; cow in street by woman and two men at bottom right foreground; church with spire along lakeshore at centre background

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Village Scene

At left curved dirt road leading uphill to house; man, woman and child at top of road; two women - one nursing baby at bottom left; man on road at base of hill; pond at bottom right foreground; group of people eating and dancing by buildings at right middleground; curved dike leading to more buildings in right background

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Holy Family

Joseph and the Virgin Mary at centre; between them lies the Baby Jesus in the manger; wisemen look upon the Saviour at either side; child at bottom right foreground; angel above at top centre wearing the banner GLORIA IN ECELSIS DEO ET IN TERA PAX

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Lake Bennett - Alaska

Rugged mountain peaks in background at right centre - tops partially obscured by clouds; snow-covered peak at top left; glacial lake with boulders in foreground

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Two cows and three sheep grazing in grassy field; small body of water at left middleground; farm buildings at right middleground

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The River Locks

Peasant man and woman in bottom centre foreground standing on riverbank near river locks; woman carrying basket on shoulder approaching river locks at right middleground; large trees along riverbank at right; rolling hills at left

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Wide waterfall at centre banked on either side by dense, massive trees; two men fishing off rocks at bottom left foreground

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Moonlight streaming down from top centre over mountain landscape

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The Forest

Man, woman, and child at centre cutting tree branches in clearing of dense forest

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Man in rowboat on shallow water at b.r.c. foreground; large windmill at c. middleground; building(s) at l. middleground; windmill in distance at c.r.

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St. Cecilia

Seated woman in green dress and rose-coloured cape holds violin in left hand and bow in right hand; cherub at top left holds open music score in hands

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River and Trees

Two women at bottom left sitting on riverbank; large shade trees at right; treed banks on opposite shore

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The Ruined Tower

Group of men and women on wharf(?) at bottom left foreground; ruined tower at right middleground; tall spire at centre at horizon line

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Rocky Coast

Coastal scene; Sailboats at anchor at centre middleground; rocky coast at right; man and boy walking along rocks at centre middleground

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A Cottage Home

Thatched-roof cottage nestled among large trees at top right; person stands in clearing at bottom centre; chickens feeding at right of person, cows in pasture in centre background

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Man resting at roadside; Woman, holding baby in her arms, stands beside man; man tends group of cattle and sheep at watering hole; Two people walk along woodland path at right middleground; Windmill at left horizon

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Woodland (A Grey Day)

Wooded, rocky riverbank in bottom left foreground; winding river at bottom left and centre middleground; dense woods overall; sky visible in clearing at top centre and top left

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Through the Trees

Rock strewn land between two banks of trees through which blue-misted expanse of valley is seen

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Dutch Coast Scene

Large sailing vessel, beached; horse-drawn cart at left of vessel; two people sitting on sand in front of vessel

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Mountain Stream Near Capel Curig, North Wales

Mountain stream coursing over rocks; lush-tree and moss-covered rocks on either side; mountains in distance; sheep grazing on hills at right middleground

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