A Morning for the Birds!

Authored by: Anna Wiebe on April 21, 2011


We moved to a river lot when I was 3 years old and ever since then my Dad has talked to me about birds. I admit the finer points of identification haven’t stuck. I still can’t tell the difference between a house finch and a purple finch, but put a Nuthatch and a Junco side by side and I’m set!

And yet, despite all this exposure to birds and birding issues, I don’t ever remember thinking about how these creatures had adapted to the urban environment imposed on them. Obviously this has crossed Erika Lincoln’s mind more than once and her installation The Singing Condition is a fascinating exploration of some these questions.


To highlight this exhibition in a somewhat non-conventional way, I’ve asked international birding guru Rudolf Koes to lead an urban birdwatching expedition into the heart of Winnipeg. The walk will take place on April 30 leaving from the front of the WAG at 9:30am. Interested parties should give me call at 789.0516 to reserve a spot. The cost is Gallery admission per person. The walk will end back at the WAG at 11am where I will take the group upstairs for a short introduction to Erika Lincoln’s installation.


Hope you can join us!


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