Day Three: Spinning on a Cultural Hub

Authored by: WAG Staff on April 10, 2013

JP Hoe at the WAG!

In my public relations classes at Red River College, we often debate the different jobs worth pursuing after graduation - government, corporate and non-profit. And I'm not going to speak ill of the first two sectors (Lord love them), but I love working communications for arts non-profits because:

a) You're telling stories that connect people with thousands of years of human thought and emotion

b) You're working with a talented, dedicated team who aren't in it for the money (That's the cost of non-profit)

c) Your workplace is a cultural hub, where every now and then, this happens:

Rock on.

by Matthew TenBruggencate

Matthew TenBruggencate is an actor, director, freelance writer and Creative Communications student who is interning at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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