The First of many Podcasts; Fossils and the 1960's

Authored by: Leif Norman on May 29, 2012

Prehistoric Cephalopods from 400 million years ago

Topic; the building itself. The big pointy triangle shaped building at 300 Memorial that all Winnipeggers know as the WAG.

WAG 100 podcasts in production

Authored by: Leif Norman on May 29, 2012

Jan 6 1968. The WAG that was never built

For the 1ooth of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Leif Norman has been hired to produce a series of short podcasts. This is the first time the WAG has ventured into this area and will cover such topics as; what was going on in Winnipeg in 1912, to inuit art to what the future holds.

Rockwell Family Sunday Pancake Breakfast

Authored by: Nicole Fletcher on May 9, 2012

Even though the weather outside was dreary and rainy, things were very lively in the WAG on Sunday, May 6th. The gallery was full and buzzing with over 830 people enjoying the festivities of the Rockwell Family Sunday Pancake Breakfast!

Canada is Arts Nation

Authored by: WAG Staff on May 6, 2012

What do Deepa Mehta, Mary Walsh and Rush have in common?

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