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Near Picton, Ontario

Lake scene in fall; two trees in autumn colours in foreground; two figures sitting on rocks by tree; land juts out from right to centre; islands dot landscape; at left - russet foliage on rocks

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September Snow, Alberta

Winding river, fall-coloured trees, snow scattered amongst hills in distance

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Essex Landscape

Forked road extending from b.l. to l. background and r. foreground; fork separated by autumn coloured trees

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Moccas Chancel

Interior of semi-circular chancel; In bottom foregorund, a tomb with a reclining armoured figure; large circular light fixture at top; at middleground - altar with cross and flowers; floor of yellow, black and white squares

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Moonlight over Norwich

Sailboats on moonlit water; full moon at centre; cityscape across middleground

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Cock Tavern at Cheam

Thatched-roof tavern at bottom left; two men sitting on benches, smoking, in front of tavern; garden of hollyhocks and sunflowers at bottom centre; pond at bottom right foreground; lush tree at right middleground; grassy expanse of land at centre middleground

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Still Life

Empty bowl; jug of flowers, scattered fruit on table covered with floral cloth; blue drapery at left; pink drapery at right

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The Picnic

Picnic scene; mother and two children sitting under trees on picnic blanket

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Dead Fir

Cubist tree stretching up diagonally from bottom right

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Rocks in Spring

Snow-covered rock in foreground; treed hill in background

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High Island (Baptiste) (High Island #2)

Foreground - sparsely scatterd trees; background - water with treed island

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Bridge on Canoe Lake

Wooden trestle bridge at middleground, extending over lake; buildings on far shore beyond bridge; dense trees behind buildings

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Still Life

Abstraction, still life; back of black chair in bottom left foreground; candle in holder at bottom right foreground; wine bottle on table in top centre background

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Still life of red and yellow flowers in large brown jug/vase.

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Flower Still Life

Head of bird at bottom centre foreground; spray of pink and blue flowers with lush greens above bird's head; man and woman embracing at bottom right.

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"Dirt Road on Prairie" Manitoba

Abstraction of hilly dirt road bordered by fields of ripening grain; clump of trees at top left

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The Plateau Road (Plateau, Baie St. Paul, Quebec)

Man and horse on snow-covered country road; farm buildings behind

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And Peter Followed Afar Off

Three scenes from the life of Peter: at left - Peter cutting the ear of Malchus and a double figure depicting the Judas Kiss; at right - Peter denying Christ and two cocks (one on a pillar and one outside the window); at centre - Peter on the Cross, head downward; in the foreground, half-figure of Peter - Peter, the Rock

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Flood Aftermath No. 2

Flooded yard and buildings; uprooted trees in foreground

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Young woman holding music book in her hands, surrounded by 4 children; child at right holds flute

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March Evening on the Cache River

Winding, partially thawed river; trees at left; mountains in background

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A Time to Keep Silent and a Time to Speak

Abstract composition of cone-shaped images at bottom and tear-shaped multi-coloured image at top left

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The Wedding Shawl (The Jewish Wedding)

Young man and woman standing in front of balustrade; column at left centre behind figures, vase of flowers at top left; woman wears green headdress, red-wine gown and carries bouquet of flowers; man wears cap on head and holds paper in his hand; a mantel (shawl) of white and black envelopes the two figures

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Very Dark Day

Two large trees in foreground; group of people and horses in bottom right background

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Hampstead Heath

Panoramic view of valley with rolling hills and trees

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