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Quebec Landscape

A landscape, most likely Quebec’s Eastern Townships or the Laurentians, depicting a mountainside road along a shoreline. The general shape of mountains, water, road and sky are emphasized by thin black geometric lines in ink that overlay the composition.

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F.H. Varley on the Back Porch, Lynn Valley

A portrait of the artist F.H. Varley sitting at a table on the porch of a cabin in Lynn Valley, British Columbia. Mountains, trees and a road are visible in the background.

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Untitled (Study)

Abstract composition of swirling blue and green lines on a green ground with four small red rectangles situated along the image edges at top right and bottom left. In the top left, pale blue round and cylindrical black-outlined shapes overlay the swirls.

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Solitude (Study)

Abstract composition in thickly painted textured oil in shades of blue with black and grey vertical slanted lines down the middle of the composition. Yellow squares outlined in black in all four corners of the canvas. The canvas is visible in places and painted with a thin yellow-gold.

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Abstract composition

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Down with Up & Up with Down

Diptych consisting of arrows of a variety of styles and colours painted in sections marked off by irregular black borders. The left panel consists of arrows pointing up and the right panel is arrows pointing down.

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Ice on Red River

Landscape of the Red River covered in ice with a small leafless tree in the foreground, and a house on the far side of the riverbank. The sky is hazy with a pink glowing sun close to the horizon line behind the house.

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Scene of the Red River Floodway set amid a patchwork of Prairie landscape

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The Dream of Michael Negrich

There is an other worldly, apocalyptic quality to the confluence of billowing clouds, grain elevators, erupting volcano, moon, flying teacups, seagulls, and the Virgin Mary. In the foreground, the semi-prone figure of Michael Negrich rests alongside a black dog among wild flowers. To the left of these figures,the grassy prairie field opens to reveal an underworld populated by the face of a demon peering at two children playing with a toy farm and vehicles.

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