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Crucifix with head hanging down on dexter shoulder

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Mana Idol

Man in suit, shirt and tie sitting erect on block with his right hand resting on his knee; his other arm hangs limp at side; 4-sided 'cage' surrounds figure; bars at back of cage only

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Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses with arms extending above his head with the burning bush

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La Rosse-qui-d├ętelle

Horse or donkey harnessed to small, wooden cart which the animal has overturned by kicking up its hind legs

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Ney (Marshal Ney)

Standing male in military dress; cloak over dexter shoulder; man leans on sword on sinister side

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Female Head

Head and shoulders of female with head downcast; long, flowing hair at front, covering each shoulder

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The Lamentation

Christ in prone position; his sinister arm being cradled by the Virgin Mary who is at centre, behind Christ; Mary Magdalene cradles Christ's feet at sinister and St. John, the Apostle cradles Christ's head at dexter

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Primaries for the Wind

Kinetic sculpture consisting of free-moving yellow and green disc-shaped object set within larger blue and red free-moving circular form; mounted on tubular steel stand

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Head I

Abstraction of head and neck

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Head II

Abstraction of head and shoulders; hollow eye sockets

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Head III

Abstraction of head and neck

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Head IV

Abstraction of head with gaping mouth

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Apsara, Stone Figure

Semi-nude female figure; hips adorned with fringed sash; dexter arm hangs at side; sinter arm bent at elbow, upwards

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Bearded Satyr Attacking a Maenad

Relief sculpture depicting a bearded Satyr at centre whose beard is is being grabbed by sinister hand of another Satyr at right; female figure, believed to be a maenad, in flowing robe at left

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Reverse Configuration

Different types of nails in painted beaverboard

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Inflatable, 3 dimensional sculpture of headless woman in a black, white and green bikini (bikini visible front and back)

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Ten semicircular neon tubes in a rainbow set in a rectangular, black, acrylic base

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Quantitative Variables

Seven clock faces ranging from a full face clock and graduating to a narrow, oval face; clocks' faces alternately inverted as well as numbers on faces inverted, transposed and/or reversed from normal positions

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Asessippi Tread

Flattened head, torso and arms of a bicycle rider forming surface over actual bicycle which consists of bottom half of wheels only; spokes extend through tires becoming spike-like; landscape drawn on top surface of rider; rider's sinister, booted foot positioned on pedal; dexter leg, from knee down, positioned on ground; bicycle rests on reflective pad shaped to correspond with periphery of sculpture

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Rocamadour II

Wood, wire, metal and Plexiglas assemblage resembling cage with interlocking, hinged, wing-like doors at front and back; three driftwood objects inside cage

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A.Y. Jackson

Head of artist, A.Y. Jackson

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Commemorative Head

African head; eyes closed; marking on sinister cheek; ringed neck; knot on top of head

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Woman's torso

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The Poet

Abstraction of standing figure cradling string instrument in sinister arm; figure has hollow torso; dexter side of body ressembles tree trunk and roots; various inscriptions carved overall

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Atomic Explosion (Amanita Mascaria)

Four Plexiglas panels, two with red and two with green images of atomic explosions, which are to be suspended from two steel rods. The panels hang one behind the other, alternating the red and green images

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