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Authored by: Nicole Fletcher on May 27, 2013

On April 11 we held an professional development art event for teachers called Through the Eyes of a WAG Studio Artist. During this event one of the artists that teaches art classes at the Studio give a tour and discussion of our annual exhibition of children's art, Through the Eyes of a Child. After the tour the teachers go into the Studio and create one of the projects that the artist completed with their art class. We have been running these programs for several years in the Education department but this year we had our best turn-out with over 50 teachers joining us! The evening was so full that we had to hire an extra artist to accommodate the group. We had two workshops running: clay fish & aquaria and wood & cardboard table sculptures. One teacher that attended the workshop responded to us after she completed the clay fish workshop with her students:

The kids finished creating fish that had specific physical and behavioural adaptations to survive in their habitat. After drawing them carefully, they used water colour pencil crayons to add colour. None of them had ever used water colour pencil crayons before, so they were pretty excited with this new artistic tool. Thanks to the workshop at the WAG, I was inspired to pull them out of the drawer!! The kids used chalk pastels to create the water, sand, and extras like coral and plants (which they designed themselves). My only real contribution was putting it up on the bulletin board. When they walked in this morning they could barely pull themselves away! Enjoy a little look into their artistic/scientific adventure.

The idea of clay fish has transformed itself into clay butterflies since we just received a butterfly kit today with larvae to watch hatch into Painted Lady butterflies. We'll use the same technique, but change it from fish to butterflies. Next week's project!! -Sylvia

I love that we can help non-teachers bring art and creativity into other subjects! I can't wait to see the butterflies that this class comes up with!

For more pictures of the kids' artwork, check out our Facebook page!

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