Interview with artist Diana Thorneycroft

Authored by: Sarah Paradis on July 27, 2010

Canadian artist Diana Thorneycroft currently has an exhibition on view at the Winnipeg Art Gallery until August 22, 2010. Canada, Myth and History: Group of Seven Awkward Moments is the focus of this interview. She is interviewed here by Sarah Paradis.

Sarah: What age is your exhibition geared towards?
Diana: I wasn’t thinking about little kids, but the props specifically should be of interest to little kids. I’m trying to make it fun so that when these kids turn twenty they can look back and remember the work.

Sarah: What other mediums have you worked with?
Diana: Printmaking, drawing, and photography since the early 1990’s. I don’t take photographs, I make photographs concerning the body or the surrogate body experiencing some sort of harm or discomfort.

Sarah: What do you have against Santa Claus? (referencing Fatal Accident Near Ski Tracks, pictured above)
Diana: He just had to die. I didn’t expect Rudolph but there’s just a little bit of head injury and blood coming from his nose

Sarah: Was the incorporation of the dioramas alongside the photographs intentional?
Diana: Yes, because these objects allow people to find an entry point and provide another level of interpretation for them.

Sarah: Who is your favorite contemporary and/or most influential artist at the moment?
Diana: Joel Peter Witkin. And Kiki Smith. I love her drawings and I want to draw like her.





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