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Dutch House

Dutch peasant woman sitting at table with large basket in front of her; man stands behind her, grasping her right arm; cow in bottom left foreground

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Old English Inn

Man and two women in passenger wagon greeting or bidding farewell to man and woman standing beside cart; pig in bottom left foreground; entrance to inn at right

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Wooden footbridge over stream at bottom centre; thatched-roof cottage at left centre; man in front of his cottage doorway beckoning to man with dog who approaches; lush greenery; rolling hills in distance

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Stormy Day

Peasant woman with sticks in arm along path in forest clearing; heavy storm clouds above

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Dutch Leisure

Two men sitting at table; man at left smoking; man at right wears red cap; pail, wash basin and jug on table in front of them

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Dutch Peasants

Three men sitting at table, smoking pipes and drinking

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English Cottage

Marsh in foreground; thatched roof cottage nestled amongst trees at centre middleground; Two people on far side of marsh; Cattle grazing in field at right middleground

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English Cottage

Marsh in foreground; thatched-roof cottage nestled in trees on far bank of marsh; person with geese in front of cottage; animals grazing on rolling hills in centre right background; overcast sky

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Man sitting in front of table holding long pipe in his left hand, looking over his shoulder at young woman who leans towards him fetchingly

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Landscape near Rome

Tree-covered mountains at left and right; central declivity with waterfall and stream; castle atop hill at top right; second castle in distance at left centre; three semi-nude figures draped in classic style on rocks beneath trees at bottom left

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Christ falls on the way to Calvary

Compassionate man lifting cross from shoulders of fallen Christ; Joseph of Arimathea and three Mary's with halos at right, beseeching attitude; Angry centurion on horse in background; left background, mounted soldier in armour and helmet holds large red banner with inscription

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The Descent from the Cross

Christ being lifted from the Cross; Joseph of Arimathea at bottom right, supporting Christ's legs; Virgin Mary holding Christ's feet; village on hill in top right background

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Milan Cathedral, Interior

Gathering of clergy and worshippers at altar of cathedral

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St Pierre, Louvain, Belgium (St. Pierre Cathedral, Louvain, Belgium)

Worshippers standing and/or kneeling in front of massive altar at left

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Reclining woman, bare-breasted, draped in green, gold and red robe

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Foreground: market square, scattered people carrying baskets on head, a camel, a man pushing a cart; Middleground: large mosque; Background at right: city skyline

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Passing Gleams

Two cows drinking at slough in bottom centre foreground; scattered, grazing cattle in pasture in middleground; village on treed hills in background

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The Race

Three jockeys on mount in riding colours; at left man with red starter flag; spectator in horse-drawn cart behind man; four flag poles with colours flying; bush and trees in paddock beyond race track

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Dutch Interior

Two men sitting at table; man standing between them; barrel in front of table; Five men sitting or standing around table in background; open window at top left; broom, large pot and basin by barrel in bottom right foreground

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Near the Wharf (Between Amsterdam amd Zuider Zee)

Two large sailing vessels at bottom centre foreground; wharf at bottom right foreground; scattered sailing vessels in distance

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Wooded landscape; large base of tree trunk at bottom left foreground; Cut up tree trunk at bottom centre foreground; thicket of trees at right; two men sawing logs at left middleground

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Saint Thomas

Grey haired, bearded man in green and gold robes gazing down at open book he holds in his hand

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Weaver's workshop; old man in red top weaving at large loom; at bottom left foreground child standing at low table eating from bowl; child or dwarf-like figure sits at spinning wheel at bottom centre foreground

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Study of Fruit

Bowl of fruit in front of begonia like plant on table; green grapes, apples on table in front of fruit bowl; white rose in wine glass in front of fruit bowl at centre left

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Coastal Scene

Sailing vessel tied to dock at centre middleground; Three women huddled on rocks at left middleground; Men in small boats on choppy water at right middleground; House on top of rocks at left middleground; Cityscape at horizon line at right

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