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Iris Flowers.

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The Stump

A decayed tree stump with 2 crows

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Cedar Branche

A close-up of a cedar branch

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Oaks and Wind

Oak trees, grassy land - wind blown

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Moving Ice

In the foreground there are trees; ice breaking up on water; buildings in the distance

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There is a large willow tree at a river bank, and a log bridge to the right

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Steaming Up

A smoke stack and rigging of a steamboat

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Cedar Springs Ontario

A woman on a log bridge with gnarled cedar trees in the foreground

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A treed valley with a winding road, bridge and farm buildings

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The Snake Fence

A gnarled log fence with a squirrel sitting on top of the fence

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Vine and Willow

A willow tree and vine growth over water

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A Tribute to Beethovens 9th Symphony

An abstract containing a floating figure above a rock and a decayed tree trunk entwined with a serpent

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Along the new Highway

A winter scene of trees and snow

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A jar of 6 zinnias on a table

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Celastrus scandens

Celastrus scandens [American Bittersweet] in a jug

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Poinsettia Pulcherissima

A close-up of a poinsettia blossom

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Whirling Waters

There are two fishermen on rocks, fishing in swirling rapids

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There are tree trunks; detailed ground flora, squirrels and birds

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Telea Polephemus

Telea polephemus and cocoon on oak leaf/branch

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Mountain Ash

A close-up of a mountain ash with berries and leaves. In the background, there is a fenced-in yard

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Dranny's Park

A man and child feeding a goose in the park

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The Highlands

There are two thatched-roof cottages in a mountain valley.

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The head and shoulders of a collie.

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A black cocker (water) spaniel, sitting

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The head and shoulders of a terrier dog

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