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Lake O'Hara from Odaray

View of Lake O'Hara nestled at bottom of mountains.

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Idyllic Landscape

Three boys sitting on decayed tree trunk which serves as a bridge across stream; rocks, trees and rolling hills all around; farm buildings on hill in centre background

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The Dead Christ in the Tomb

Very gaunt, ghost-like image of Christ lying in His tomb

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Trees on a Rocky Bank

Large gnarled tree in bottom right foreground; smaller trees in background

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The Four Seasons

Four mythological figures, side by side in various positions, depicting the Four Seasons

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Portage at Deux Rivières

River bordered by steep cliffs; groups of people crossing lengthy footbridge which extends from top of cliff at l. down to water level at c. and up to top of cliff at r.

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A Nun Standing By a Ruined Tower

Nun with head bowed; forearms raised to waist; hands opened; ruined stone tower at left

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Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples

Christ washing the feet of the Disciples

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Feast of the Gods

Allegorical composition; nudes feasting in garden; numerous cherubs in trees above

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Torso of nude woman with long, dark hair which appears to be rising from tranquil lake; clouds superimposed over woman's torso

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Miss Sm-th's Party

Party scene; group of standing people

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Mythological Figures

Man and woman in seated embrace; two doves at right of woman

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Church Interior with Figures; Women & Children in Shop

(a): Four figures standing by large monument; (b): Verso: Woman seated with baby on lap; standing woman and child - all beside store shelves

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Adoration of the Magi

Virgin Mary with Christ Child in her lap at left centre; Joseph kneeling before Mary at bottom centre; wisemen at right centre

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The Holy Trinity

Circular composition depicting the Holy Trinity; God the Father crowning Christ; above, the dove of the Holy Ghost

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Barley in Stooks, John Voelzing Farm, Hanover

Farm buildings with stooks in a field in the foreground

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My Nose, Lips and Finger Tips are Pressed Against the Picture Plane

Nose, lips and fingers of a bearded man pressed against picture plane

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Study: Boys at Bat II

Brush sketch on yellow tissue of the heads of two baseball players for the painting, "Boys at Bat II."

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Abstract work which suggests stained-glass design largely because of the dark lines which form a grid for the colour

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Light wash of tea stain and berry juice over which gold leaf trellis-like geometric forms have been applied to bottom half. Two lines of gold leaf border the work. Paper primed with white paint.

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Moose Hunting in Canada

Interior of a hunting lodge. On a raised hearth, a fire is burning, on which a meal is being prepared. Around the hearth, are six men who are lying or sitting. From the roof and the walls are hanging the equipment used for hunting: guns, snowshoes and extra clothing.

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Semi-abstract composition in orange, yellow, red, blue and green suggesting a woman with the face and eyes well defined

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Portrait of a Girl

Head, in profile, and shoulders portrait of a girl

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White Bird Angel

Composition on black ground depicting nude female angel, with hands outstretched, surrounded by a semi-circle of light coloured birds.

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Image with Red Bones

Half-length portrait of a skeletal, human figure screaming. The skin has been lifted from the figure, revealing red bones joined by strips of tendon and muscle.

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