SAB Blog Series: Behaviours of Light by JNZNBRK

Authored by: WAG Staff on December 4, 2013

JNZNBRK, Behaviours of Light

I’m Rachelle Landry from the Student Art Board, and I’m fifteen years old. I’m writing this here to present a piece of art at the front of the WAG called Behaviours of Light by the duo called JNZNBRK (Kyle Janzen and Chris Burke).

Geometry, math and art aren’t commonly associated with each other by regular people, but this triangular artwork, Behaviours of Light, links these things together and showcases them beautifully. It’s so obviously modern and technical, but it’s also very pretty and full of wonder. What a great mix.

Watching the lights themselves is a serene experience. Light is projected through triangles, casting luminescent geometrical shapes on the floor. It sounds simple enough in written word, but seeing the movement of the lights in the flesh is awesome. You will hold triangles in a new light after seeing this piece at the WAG.

Rachel Landry is a high school student involved in the WAG's Student Art Board.

This post is part of our ongoing WAG Student Art Board blog series. The Student Art Board (SAB) is a select group of high school students that are involved with the WAG. This blog series is intended to offer a teenager's perspective on the art currently on display at the WAG.

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