Sarah’s Scope: Dip Into the Double Take Programs this Summer

Authored by: Sarah Paradis on August 31, 2010

If you happen to be an aspiring artist with an interest in transforming conceptual information into art objects, come on down to the WAG and check out our variety of Double Take programs.

Double Take programs are 4-hour sessions that begin in the WAG galleries where students visually explore art in order to extract any inspirational aesthetics to help them generate ideas for their own art. These perceptions are valuable because each interpretation of art is different and can be used to create new and interesting works of art.

The second half of these Double Take programs take place at the WAG Studio (directly next door) where students have the opportunity to make art using a variety of mediums, learn different techniques, and unleash their inner artist. The goal (for me personally as a guide) is to encourage students to exercise their imaginations therefore allowing them to develop unique and individual styles.

Double Take programs bring artistic concepts together with studious techniques to provide students and teachers with an educational synergy that encourages creative experimentation as a means of finding ones own style. So come on down and give these Double Takes a try; there are a variety of themes to choose from which can be described in detail on our website.

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