Erika Lincoln Exhibition is Going to be Fun!

Authored by: Mary Reid on March 24, 2011

I love installing! It is my favourite part of mounting an exhibition. Right now, we putting up Erika Lincoln’s new body of work,The Singing Condition. While making the frequent climb of the stairs from my office to the gallery I am always curious to see how the exhibition is taking shape; what has been put up and what is still waiting to be installed? The feeling of anticipation is similar to a series of mini-christmas mornings. Her flock of starlings have finally come to roost. However we are waiting for the transformers to arrive to feed them some power. The Mechatronic Magpie is hanging and running. And as of this afternoon Relational Transmissions began chirping away. Just waiting on the final touches of lighting, signage and labels and of course the big reveal at the public opening on Thursday March 31. We have even ordered in a “special” beer to serve upon Erika’s request. Promises to be a good party!

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