1968 to 1971

Authored by: Leif Norman on June 12, 2012

Education, about our building.

Gustavo da Roza told me about the design and details of the WAG building at 300 Memorial. I have about an hour of audio recorded with him. Not all will make it into the podcast, so we will have to have some "extras" available for everyone.

He designed it down to the smallest details; like how high each door hinge should be placed! And the fonts used on the door plates. I'm a font nerd, so I love that sort of stuff. (I think it's Century Gothic)

After interviewing Keith Gillis from the Tyndall stone quarry where the materials for the building came from, and then talking to Graham Young, a Paleontologist from the Manitoba Museum about the fossils in the stone, and then Gus, who actually designed the building, I am just about ready to start editing the actual first podcast!

I just need a few more people. There are some staff members who have worked here since the beginning in 1970 and I'm sure they will have some good stories to tell.

I am also finding some neat old photos of the WAG from 40 years ago which will have to be talked about.

Here is what the original Front Desk looked like where people purchased admission:

Things have changed a bit at the WAG but the original design is timeless!

Here is a photo of the WAG maquette (a small architectural model built to get a sense of the building), and the original ground floor plan.

WAG maquette circa 1967 (?)

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