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Large sailing vessel on water at centre foreground; waterfront fortress at left middleground; numerous sailing vessels on water in background. Possibly a 19th century copy.

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The Magi

Head of the Virgin Mary at bottom right foreground; three wisemen surround her

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The Great Bull

Side profile of large white bull; resting cow at bottom left foreground; grazing cattle in background

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Fire-flies, Italy

Night scene; Trees and shrubs in foreground; mountains beyond; quarter moon at top right of composition; fireflies scattered throughout

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Old Italian Gateway

Three of four storey brick building with stone archway, on edge of hill ; woman walking through archway

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Stormy Day on the Maas, Holland (A Stormy Day on Maas, Holland)

Boat in bottom right foreground; choppy water; shoreline village at horizon; storm clouds above

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Three cows standing together and grazing in field

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At Anchor

Large sailing vessel at anchor at centre of composition; barrel-shaped buoy at bottom left foreground; lighthouse on rocks at left centre; men in rowboat approaching lighthouse

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Flood Time Amberley (The Lake)

Marshy, scrub land in foreground; marsh or lake at middleground, encircled by trees; rolling hills in background

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The Little Maid

Young girl with long blonde hair covered with cap; girl stands with left hand on hip and large round tray tucked between right arm and her body

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General Sir Sam Steele

Portrait of General Sir Sam Steele in uniform

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The Noon Hour

Young man riding brown horse along tree-lined path; white horse at left of brown horse; hay field in background

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A Brittany Shepherd

Shepherd in grey cloak and hat at right; black dog sitting at his feet; flock of grazing sheep in foreground; gnarled trees at middleground

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Man leaning out of second floor window pouring jug of water over 'Pinocchio' who is walking on street below

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Horses - the Farm Stable

Young peasant woman harnessing white horse and brown horse in stable; hens in hay at right centre; potted plant on outside window ledge at top left

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The Troubadour

A young woman in a high-backed chair listening to a troubadour outside a window casement. He is serenading her with a guitar. A white bearskin rug is carelessly overlapping an oriental one. There is a spinning wheel beside the woman. The woman is wearing a gold gown of velvet or silk, puffed with ivory at the shoulders and elbows. Two books lay carelessly on the floor at the base of a table.

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Autumn Afternoon

Meadow with stream in foreground; 3 tall poplars along water's edge on far bank; at centre - one tall tree in autumn tones to the left of which are two shacks; 3 houses among trees in background; church and spire visible at right; salmon-coloured hill rises in background

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Buffalo No. 1

Group of buffalo grazing on the prairie

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Almanagja - Iceland

Mountain stream dominated by craggy towering mountains in background; right foreground is grassy with rugged rocks

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Buffalo No. 2

Group of buffalo grazing on the prairie

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Hilly Landscape

Narrow river running through hilly, rocky, landscape; large leafy trees at left and at right

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Trees and River

Very dark landscape of trees and river in shades of bronze and ochre; sun rays breaking through heavily overcast sky at top right

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Portrait of Baroness Gertrud Elisabeth de Bretton

Portrait of woman in black dress and wine velvet cape or shawl; white lace and black circular pendant or brooch adorns her neck

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Valley of the Arno (from the Boboli Gardens, Florence)

Young woman standing by large statue in villa-like garden, overlooking park setting with bridge and fountains; beyond - city-scape; lush trees overall

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Winter, Gatineau River

Gatineau River with snow-covered banks in foreground; houses amongst trees in middleground

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