WAG Kids are at all the Summer Festivals

Authored by: Mira Le-Ba on June 16, 2011

Hi. My name is Mira Le-Ba and I’m working as a summer student at the WAG. I love working with kids and I love working with art, so needless to say I’m very excited to start this position! Last week I started off at the Children’s Festival working with families all day.

There were bubbling laughter and ear-to-ear grins under the WAG tent. Starting the weekend early, kids of all ages from all sorts of places spent Thursday and Friday coloring with pastels and painting with watercolors. Our outdoor art gallery grew and grew at an exponential rate as kids (and adults) put their artwork on display. The day was so successful we actually ran out of paper. I can’t believe we burned through over 500 sheets!

Next up, we will be setting up at the Folk Festival in the great big Family Tent from July 8-10th where we’ll be rockin’ to the music and lettin’ the creative juices flow with brushes, paint and paper. Finally, it’s time for the Fringe Festival on July 20-22. This year the theme is the Big Top Fringe. Rumor has it we will be making wild and crazy circus puppets!

Click here to learn more about the WAG’s Youth Summer Programs and our exciting Art-ventures at Winnipeg’s premiere summer festivals.


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