WAG KIds Booths at Summer Festivals are Great!

Authored by: Mira Le-Ba on July 15, 2011

Hi everyone. I just wanted to update you all on how excited I am to be working with the WAG at the next couple of festivals scheduled to hit Winnipeg this summer.  Working as a summer student here has been absolutely wonderful so far, especially when they send me to these amazing events around the city.

Last week we hit the Winnipeg Folk Festival! We got to listen to wonderful musical artists and get inspired by their works. Being engulfed in the folk music and culture motivated the kids to paint some truly brilliant pieces. It was an amazing weekend, nothing but sunny skies, bright smiles, and colorful pages of paper. There were a lot of families out and about, readily adding their paintings to our display gallery in the chickadee big top family tent.

Another great festival you all should be sure to check out is Fringe Fest. The wag will be helping kids of all ages make theatrical puppets. It’ll be like seeing their imagination and their thoughts come to life. I love theatre, and Winnipeg has such a great performing arts community. We'll be there from July 20 to 25, so come visit it and take advantage of this great opportunity to get your kids exposed to all sorts of art forms!


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