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Authored by: Nicole Fletcher on March 21, 2012

Making a feast!

On Tuesday, March 13th new Canadians from IRCOM were invited to the WAG for an evening of food and art making. Storm Bistro served up a delicious vegetarian Halal dinner complete with curry and papadum. The event was a great success and Eckhardt Hall was packed full of families from all over the world who now call Canada home!

After dinner, kids got to work creating artistic interpretations of their favourite meals, in Play-Doh and coloured pencil. The chalkboard was also a big hit, with doodles of everything from the Titanic to puppies. Upstairs on the Mezzanine, visitors added their own recipes to our cookbook and enjoyed the food inspired exhibition, Feast. There was even an impromptu tour! Pictures from the event can be viewed on our Facebook page. Check out some of these recipes, gathered that special night:

Rice Pudding (Nepal)
1 kg rice ● 2 L milk ● 1 kg butter ● 500 g sugar
Mix all the ingredients together. It tastes good. Nepali people eat this sort of food.

Potato Chap (Iraq)
potato ● parsley ● ground meat ● onion ● black pepper ● dry bread
Boil the potato the peel it. Mix the potato with ground dry bread (breadcrumbs), parsley, and black pepper. Then mold into balls and stuff with meat and onion. Grill with oil on a pan.

Selroti (Nepal)
rice flour ● sugar ● banana ● eggs ● yogurt ● milk
This is our cultural recipe. Mix all ingredients in water. Then cook in oil or ghee. After that it looks like a donut and tastes good. In Nepal, people use this sort of food during a great festival.



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