The Winnipeg Art Gallery is a cultural advocate – a lens and a forum – helping people see and experience more through art.


Playing a vital role in the community, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, the Winnipeg Art Gallery thrives as a creative and accessible place for learning, discovery and inspiration through art, with a particular focus on Inuit art and culture.

This mission is achieved through five strategic pillars:

I. Art
Building a collection of the highest standards with special focus on Canadian and Indigenous art, and presenting world-class exhibitions supported by innovative programs, events, and partnerships. 


  • Develop and implement an exhibition and program strategy that is aligned with the WAG mission while responsive to both scholarly and popular appeal.
  • Present and promote the collection and exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Refine the collections strategy for Inuit art in consideration of the development of the Inuit Art Centre.

II. Learning
Committed to engaging people with art and creative learning, the WAG inspires and enriches, fostering relationships with individuals, organizations, and communities to support lifelong learning.


  • Create dynamic learning and artmaking opportunities that encourage active participation and rewarding experiences.
  • Develop an education strategy that is relevant, enlightening, and fun, with a renewed awareness of Inuit art and culture.
  • Forge collaborative partnerships in the community that are beneficial to all involved.

III. Community
Supporting the individual talents and collective strengths of staff and volunteers to advance the WAG’s mission of engagement with all stakeholders.


  • Enrich and expand the visitor and user experience through a comprehensive customer service plan and institutional standards.
  • Allow the acts of invitation and welcome to precede the engagement.
  • Support open dialogue and effective communications across departments and committees to ensure successful operations and program delivery.

IV. Place
Providing a dynamic and respectful place for people and ideas within an environment that promotes creativity, learning, and enjoyment through art.


  • Create inviting and engaging themes and spaces.
  • Leverage the assets – people, collections and buildings – and invest annually in facility maintenance and improvements.
  • Embolden the WAG’s commitment to Inuit art through the development of a Centre dedicated to the study, collection, and presentation of Inuit art.

V. Resources
Managing resources responsibly to ensure operational growth and diversification. 


  • Develop a sustainable staff and volunteer development and succession plan.
  • Improve operational efficiencies to deliver quality programs and product.
  • Align capital and operations strategies for long-term success.

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