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Word Warrior

Sculptural drawing executed on shaped paper which has been hand coloured with charcoal, conte and pastel. Surreal composition depicting a man with a quiver of arrows on his shoulder. Strewn over the left side of his back are the following letters of the alphabet which have been cut out of paper: LENPVWI and over the right side of his back:MKRN. The man appears to be scaling a wall-like structure. At the base of the wall, on a platform, is a mask-like face on which the letter E has been placed. On the face are several birds as well as several more throughout the composition. The platform is supported paper columns.

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Desire in the Age of Tobacco

Sculptural drawing executed on bent and shaped paper. Surreal composition depicting beetle-like insects in various sizes, together with leaves. There are two very large beetles, one of which is draped over the edge of the pedestal. On some of the beetles and leaves, the artist has written letters of the alphabet and the occasional number.

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Sculptural drawing executed on shaped paper which has been hand-coloured with charcoal, conte and pastel. Surreal composition whose primary image is a howling wolf in profile. Superimposed on the side of the wolf, just below the head, is a vase with a rose and leaves in it. Behind the wolf, are tall buildings and a crescent moon. On the right side of the image is an arm reaching down. Along the bottom of the work, is another vase with flowers. Also along the bottom of the work, are three fingers.

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House of Tea

A life-size, female figure, without a head or feet, floats above an open coffin.

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