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The Riddle of the Ulu

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Pulling Up the Whales

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Woman & Owl

Owl with outstretched wings. On the owl's chest, is a man's face which has tattoos on the cheeks and chin. The man has feathers on his head. On the inside of each of the owl's wings is a yellow hand.

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Two Eagles

Two eagles attacking a man who appears to be attempting to steal eggs from the birds' nest

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Nesting Ground

Five geese hovering over three nests containing eggs

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Numiktik (Drum Dance)

A man and woman doing a drum dance

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Central figure of what appears to be a boy wearing a yellow shirt and brown trousers with two snakes which have red heads and white spots on black bodies. He has long hair, at the end of which, are two orange pincers.

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Birds of Summer

Six birds, one of which is a Canada Goose and one a hawk

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Summer Scene with Flowers and Insects

Three figures pictured with various flowers and insects

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Shaman with Man and Bear

Central figure of a shaman flanked on one side by a man and on the side by a bear. Both the man and the bear are outstretched facing away from the viewer.

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Land Mark of the North

Inukshuk depicted as a woman's face. The eyes are stone lamps (kudlik) and the eyebrows are the flames. The lips are a bow and the tattoos are arrows. On either side of her face are igloos. Around the edge of her face are smaller igloos, two hunters with a seal and a sled and dog team.

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Story of Pudjugiak, the Crab-boy

Two orange and yellows snakes and a crab. The crab is clinging to one of the snakes with its pincers.

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Ancestors' Song for Survival

Central figure of a hunter on his knees with an upraised spear in his hand. On either side he is flanked with four faces, each with different expressions.

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Songs of Animals (Pihilioktok)

Face of man in front of which is the head of a musk-ox together with a duck on one side and a seal on the other. Attached to the man's hair are several feathers.

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Ancestors' Tools and Equipment

Various tools and equipment are depicted such as a spear, ulu, knife, needle, spear and a bow & arrow. At the centre of the composition is a face.

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My Ancestors Were Here

An inukshuk, behind which is a blood-red sun, on which various images are depicted on each rock: a hunter in a kayak; man constructing an igloo; fish; whales; tents; polar bears

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Mouth of the River

Large, open mouth with red lips and with the top and bottom teeth visible. On either side of the mouth, is a yellow, wolf-like animal. There are various images in the mouth: a tent; a kayak; a man; heads of two birds; camp fire. There is a blue line running down the centre of the tongue representing a river.

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Family in Tent

Five figures in tent. Figure at top lays on stomach drinking from a cup and facing a table where rests teapot, sugar and spoon. Woman, with baby in amautik, kneels tending to fire. Next two figures lay sleeping, the closest with its back to the viewer. A gutted seal carcass, ulu and knife are at left. A box of Red Rose tea is at right. At top, a box is addressed "SEND KIMM [Kimmirut] CO-OP". On tent floor are cans of pop (7UP, Coke, Crush).

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Almond shaped eye, straight black lashes, green iris, black eyebrow, red eyelid. Two yellow pencils point away from pupil, labelled "BLACK 45". One pencil points toward pupil, labelled "GREY 06". The eye floats above a green landscape, blue water b.l., rocky area b.r.

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Rock Landscape

Abstract rock landscape "rockscape" with black vertical rounded and angular forms between black vertical lines, approximately 2.5 cm apart. Tiny connected ovals "rock pebbles" form the background between the vertical forms. There is contrast between heavy and light pen strokes.

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Bird's eye view of chapel interior. Pews at bottom have colourful cushions. Organ and stove at centre left. Lectern with closed book at centre right. Choir leader's lectern at centre on which are two books, one open. Four choir benches, two at each side, face in to centre. At top, the altar has a cross on a fabric covered table with syllabics. On the wall behind, a green wallhanging features flowers and two people holding open books, and a syllabic inscription. Red/pink floor.

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Rock Lines with Animal Forms

Rock landscape "rockscape" with animal forms in shades of black, brown, and grey. Fish is at right, a fox at centre and small animal b.l.c.

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A group of men and women together with a child in an amautik, who are brewing the remains of a female child. In the background is a tent; in the foreground is a kayak.

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Coming of Christianity

A group of women disposing of their personal possessions which include a pail, a kettle, a clock, an ulu and a doll

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Kaujjajjuk #2

Kaujjajjuk, a young boy, suddenly grows large and strong, outgrowing his clothes. His pants are torn and his kamiks now only fit his toes. His grandmother, now very diminuitive in comparison, stands by his leg with arms upraised.

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