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Still life of mixed flowers in brass vase

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Portrait of a Man in Blue Coat

Portrait of man in powdered wig, wearing dark blue or green cloak over white shirt and brown waistcoat

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Tabernacle with five panels, each adorned with relief sculpture of Biblical figures-Christ on centre door panel; inside and outside of tabernacle is gilded; inside of door depicts 2 angels holding gold chalice with medallion-like Host; host surrounded by 4 winged heads; banner across top

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John Hind

Man in grey hunting suit cradling rifle in arms stands before wooded landscape. Brown and white hunting dog stands poised at man's feet; 2 other dogs at right of man

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The Adoration of the Symbols of the Trinity

Circular compositions: cherubs floating around tunnel-like formation of cloud, center of which is diffused with light; group of cherubs at b.c. + foreground have open Bible in front of them.

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Caritas (Allegory of Charity)

Nude woman surrounded by cherubs; one cherub at woman's right breast; ornate urn at b.l. foreground

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The Painter in his Studio

Painter sitting at easel in dark studio; 3 men surround painter admiring canvas; green L-screen dividers at l. middleground

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Contest Between Marsyas and Apollo Before King Midas

Relief, oval shaped sculpture; seated Apollo with harp at left; King Midas stands at centre; Marsyas with lute at mouth sits at right

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Marsyas Being Flayed by Apollo

Relief, oval shaped sculpture; 3 mythological figures - Marsyas with cloven hooves and horns at left; Apollo on knees wielding knife in sinister hand at centre; female saint with harp at right

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Emperor Charles VI

Relief sculpture of dexter profile of Emperor Charles VI; long, curly hair; garland of leaves adorn sides and top of head, tied at back of hair in a bow

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Crucifix with head hanging down on dexter shoulder

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The Lamentation

Christ in prone position; his sinister arm being cradled by the Virgin Mary who is at centre, behind Christ; Mary Magdalene cradles Christ's feet at sinister and St. John, the Apostle cradles Christ's head at dexter

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Bearded Satyr Attacking a Maenad

Relief sculpture depicting a bearded Satyr at centre whose beard is is being grabbed by sinister hand of another Satyr at right; female figure, believed to be a maenad, in flowing robe at left

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The Poet

Abstraction of standing figure cradling string instrument in sinister arm; figure has hollow torso; dexter side of body ressembles tree trunk and roots; various inscriptions carved overall

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Muse’s Amphora

Abstract S-shape formation emerging from circular base

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The Countess of Oxford and Asquith, The Wharf, Sutton Courtenay

Woman in long white robe with pink sash sitting at table, writing; bed with purple coverlet at l. of woman; large window with gold drapery at c. background; skylight at t.r.; chair in b.l. foreground; open beamed ceiling

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The Love Letter

Young woman in black satin dress dropping letter from right hand into crevice in brick wall

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Carnations in a Green Vase

Red carnations in a green vase on a black background.

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Diana and Acteon

Relief with Diana(Artemis) bathing, bottom centre, with a dog behind her; she is turning and looking up at Achteon standing partially obscured by a tree, holding a spear, and with antlers already formed on top of his head. Two nymphs standing together on the left side are gesturing towards Achteon, one nymph is seated on the ground behind them

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Street scene with figures in Montmartre in summer

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Femme au Foulard (Trumeau Pour La Maison Cubiste / III)

A stylized portrait of a woman with a shawl over her head

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Polygon I

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Portrait of Mrs. Cory

Head and shoulder portrait of a woman with short, blonde hair parted on the proper left side; blue background

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Evening on the Conway, North Wales

Sunset reflected on pond in foreground; rocks and shrubs at left; boy fishing at centre middleground; two people sitting beneath tree beyond boy; trees on far bank of pond; hills in background

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