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Mother and Child

Standing Mother with baby in hood of amautik; stone body; ivory heads with black inlay features and hair.

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Circle of Animals

Flat etched circle of animals adhered to outer edge; brown stone; inlaid with soap

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Bird Shaman

Long antler body of shaman has two wings which are attached with metal pegs; Facial features carved at top; Pieces of antler strung on caribou skin around middle of shaman; Rough black stone base to which shaman is pegged with antler

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Talelayu Opiitlu (Talelayu with Owl)

The sea goddess Taleelayuk (Sedna) with an owl. Orange, green, brown, yellow, black; on mulberry paper

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Old Women Speak of Owl

Blue, black, brown; on laid Japan paper

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Summer Caribou

Brown; on wove paper

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Loon in Open Water

Black, blue, orange, yellow; on wove paper

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River Fishing

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Shaman's Costume

Greys, blues, reds, on mulberry paper

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Shaman Summoning Taleelayuk to Release Animals

In this work, the heads of the shaman and sea goddess, Taleelayuk, emerge from a rough background of whalebone. Animals spiral outward on four pieces of narwhal ivory.

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Cold and Hungry

A gaunt-faced man seated in front of a small bonfire

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The Great Whirlpool (Kalaniyaaktok)

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Caribou and Otter

Large grey stone sculpture of caribou with forelegs of otter in front of it. Caribou has two antlers set into drill holes on head.

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Owl and Young

Composition in green/brown mottled stone of two owl heads, in relief, one above the other. Heads appear to be placed on "legs" which extend to a base. Pupils of eyes on each face are of a different stone (unpolished).

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Scene with Spirits

Colourful scene with spirits. Composition depicts large central human image surrounded by human/animal figures. Especially fox, bird, and unidentifiable larger

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Women and Children

Light grey-green stone composition of eight women, sitting side by side in a row, each of whom is holding a child.

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Summer Scenes

Summer scene. Sun at top centre from which "rainbow" extends to frame active scene depicted on top half of wallhanging (figures, birds, dogs, caribou, inukshuk). Lower portion has applied dark brown ground, with water flowing through - depicted with shaded green stitching, also five bears and one muskox. Wallhanging is edged with applied dark green geometric border.

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Bear Tracks

Black woodcut depicting hunting scene. Hunter at right centre within landscape which is covered in bear tracks. Oversize bear appears to be surrounding the scene, bear head visible at b.l.q. and a paw appears at each top corner.

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Rescued from Two-Faced Monsters

Composition depicting woman standing at centre surrounded by series of two-faced monsters.

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Camping with Tent, Wolf and Caribou

Two full length figures at right - one in profile, the other faces the viewer. At left is a view from above of a tent around which are three animal images in graphite.

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Four Seasons of the Tundra: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

This work consists of four wallhangings, to be hung side by side, each of which depicts a season on the tundra. Each wallhanging is virtually covered with stitches, many of which are done with varigated embroidery floss. The overall effect is of an impressionistic quality - describing the foliage, rocks, water, and colour of the landscape. The ground colour of each is as follows: Fall - rust, Winter - blue, Spring - beige, Summer - burgundy.

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Upiknivik (Spring Camp)

Two drawings, to be hung side by side, which depict an aerial view of a landscape. Ground is entirely covered with areas of various colour mixes. Predominant colours in (a) are gold and yellow. The landscape includes rocks and bushes and has a stream running through the centre. The colours of (b) are pinks and browns. A waterfall flows through centre.

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Amayuqyuq and Qallupilluq

Two standing whalebone figures - one holds mask and one holds hook on a line. Both have frightening appearance with large inset antler eyes and inset antler teeth. Foot of large figure is antler (see NAR).

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Drawing depicts various aspects of Inuit life: children playing with a ball; drum dancing; woman butchering a seal with an ulu; man carving snow blocks; man fishing; man hunting polar bear with bow and arrow; man pulling seal out of a hole in the ice; men hunting birds with a bow and arrow

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