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Composition consisting of figure pegged to airplane which is pegged to igloo. (see Narrative field)

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Depiction of Sedna underwater in her igloo, with her father who is wrapped in a sealskin. A dog guards the entrance to the igloo. In the kudlik are a walrus, seal and fish. The shark is in the urine pot.

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Grieving Woman

Smooth green stone figure of a grieving woman with her right arm raised to her forehead in a fist over her right eye. Her head is bowed. Her left hand rests at her left knee. She has long hair down her back to her waist. Her hair is of rougher texture with carved horizontal lines. Her right foot is in front of her left foot.

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Shaman’s Hands

A single figure with a large oval-shaped head, composing the upper portion of the print. Head has white spiked hair. Two hands are disconnected from the figure’s body, situated at either side of the figure. Broad horizontal lines surround the shoulders and upper body. The same broad line is at the wrist of each hand. A grid pattern is below the face, between the horizontal lines. A similar linear pattern creates the mouth.

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Aya-ya (song & dance)

Central image of figure standing (with face in shadows of hood; hands and boots depicted) drumming hand-held drum. A howling wolf is depicted on the face of the drum. At l., another figure (head and fur collar depicted) sings. At r., there is a third figure with tattoed face (head, fur collar, mitted hands depicted) wearing a loon cap. In the background, there is a landscape with black clouded sky and full moon, with mountains to the left. On a snow-brick wall (igloos?) two wolves stand in the mist. A third wolf sits further back, howling, and on the r., a polar bear sits. An owl flies in the sky at image centre. Colours used are black, grey, brown, aqua, yellow, orange.

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Fishermen Attacked by Birds

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Cold and Hungry

A gaunt-faced man seated in front of a small fire

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Shaman with Snake Helping Spirit

Shaman with a snake which is his helping spirit

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Mother and Son

A mother with her son

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Old Qulliq Being Carried by a Woman

Body is made from a real qulliq (stone lamp). Qulliqs are heavy and were often abandoned. It presents a visual pun with the qulliq being carried by a woman - her body forming part of the former lamp.

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Spirits of the Great Hunt

The principal figures in this sculpture are a shaman (or angakuq) with a drum, and a Thunderbird (tingmiukpak). The shaman beats his drum to induce a trance-like state. Within the chest of the Thunderbird is the shaman's apprentice in a semi-fetal position. Below these three figures are birds, sea mammals, bears, and a hunter wearing snow goggles. They represent the hunting life of the Arctic which is necessary for the survival of Inuit.

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Spring Celebration

The following sculptural appliqués adorn the exterior of the sculpture: a fish; head and shoulders portrait of a man; large bird with outstretched winds; head and shoulders portrait of a woman. Seated around the top of the sculpture are four figures: two men and two woman. Each man holds a fish and each woman holds a baby.

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People and Animals

Animals and figures interspersed on a green background

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Bird's eye view of chapel interior. Pews at bottom have colourful cushions. Organ and stove at centre left. Lectern with closed book at centre right. Choir leader's lectern at centre on which are two books, one open. Four choir benches, two at each side, face in to centre. At top, the altar has a cross on a fabric covered table with syllabics. On the wall behind, a green wallhanging features flowers and two people holding open books, and a syllabic inscription. Red/pink floor.

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Hilly landscape over which the sun is shining. Several inukshuks dot the landscape.

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Human Head

A bust in gray stone of a figure with very long and thin eyes, an narrow long nose, and a thin mouth. The figure has exaggerated cheeks and its features are small on its large round head.

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Double Shaman Drum Dancer

A figurine of a shaman drum dancer carved from a whale vertebra. This figure is carved on both sides. On the front, the shaman is standing on tip-toe with both feet and has its arms stretched out, parallel to the floor. The shaman has a large oval head with two horn like bumps on top. He has small round stone inlaid eyes with white irises and black pupils. The shaman also has two large round carved nostrils, and a large narrow grinning mouth with a series of stone teeth. In his right hand the shaman holds a drum and in his left hand he holds the mallet. The reverse shows a face with very similar features to the front face. However, the shaman has a smaller mouth with teeth only on the bottom and his nostrils are more narrow and slanted.

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Tea Drinkers

Three men sitting around a kitchen table drinking tea

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Namonai's Vision of the Future

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Two Women Carrying Meat in Tub

Two standing women, with a blubber tub between them, each carrying one end of it. Each handle of the tub is made of string and threaded through a drill hole in the women's hand. Woman on the left has child in amautee hood and carries pail, attached with string, in her proper right hand. Stir stick protrudes from pail, interior of which is coloured red. Much attention is paid to detail-patterned clothing at neck of woman, detail of amautee patterns emphasized with colour, "knot" hair style of women, and black colouring of facial features.

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With Open Mind

Two walruses, one of which has a human arm, on an ice floe

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