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On the Assiniboine

Man pulling boat up onto rocky shore of winding, tree-lined river. Two farm buildings on left shore in distance

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Village in the Mountains

Abstract landscape in pastel blues, pinks and grey

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Perimeter North

Abstract; at center, square of diagonal yellow, wavy bars against white background; at l., t. and r., black diagonal wavy bars; at bottom, yellow diagonal wavy bars

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Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of woman in black dress with lace collar and cap

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Abstract composition

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Undulating Passages

Abstract linear composition in greens, brown, white and black

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Limestone Rocks

Rocks covered with mossy vegetation

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Valley, Boston Corners

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Picture Gallery

Two men (knights/guards?) standing by large paintings

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Painter's Table

Still life of bowl with pansies, jugs and brushes on table

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A Ruined Castle

View of castle from across body of water

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Milking Time

Cows heading toward barn

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Along the Canal

Man leading horse along waterfront/beach; village beyond water

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b.c.: boy in red jacket fishing off bank of winding creek; rolling hills at l.; autumn-coloured trees at r.

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Cocktail Party - Two

Abstraction; group of people in social setting; man and woman standing with cocktails in hand at c., two women seated at l., man and 2 women standing at r.

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Niagara Rainbow Honeymoon #1 The Bedroom

Semi-nude woman in garter belt, bending over pulling up nylon stocking; waterfall at b.l. foreground; rainbow-coloured border surrounds image

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Seriel Bleu-Rose

Vertical, multi-coloured stripes

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Young Woman with White Cap

Young woman in black dress with white cap

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Wharf Road

Figure walking down left side of 'street' lined with buildings and hydro poles on either side

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View from Casa Anita

Bird's eye view of villa, surrounded by trees, nestled in valley; heavily overcast sky

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Hamilton Suburb

View of city from top of hill

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Forest Interior #1 Abstract Series

Abstraction of forest in green, brown, orange and black

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Bandscape Series

Abstraction of landscape done in bands of black, brown, grey and green tones

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Perforated Section Series #2

Abstract composition of rows of various sized blotches in tones of black, all against white background

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Reflected Landscape Series #1

Abstraction of landscape reflected in water

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