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The Boy with a Red Cap

Portrait of boy; bare shoulders; short brown hair; red cap

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Poplar Woods (Poplars)

A large, bare, gnarled poplar tree in the foreground with numerous leafless trees in background.

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White Caps, Smoke Lake

Choppy water on lake; trees along opposite shore; storm clouds above

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La Baie de Portrieux

Seascape; waves crashing against large mass of rock at b.l. foreground; scattered vessels on choppy water at r. middleground

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Sunrise on Percé Rock

Sun rising on a calm sea against large rock formations on the left; several sailboats at anchor or with set sail; in foreground - a manned sailboat departs from a dock while 3 figures look on; 3 rowboats beached on shore; table and a few barrels at right

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Portrait of Mr. A.W. Ogilvie

Portrait of Mr. A.W. Ogilvie who owned the Ogilvie flour mills in Winnipeg

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A Halfcast with his Wife and Child

A family is depicted on a river bank. The man and child are standing and holding hunting implements. The woman is seated and smoking a pipe.

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Indians Travelling in Summer

First Nations family and pack-dogs travelling on the prairie carrying hunting implements and game.

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A Farm by the River; Manitoba River Farm

Cluster of buildings on a farm set in a slightly rolling landscape with a river running through it. Two young girls are playing with two geese while a man and woman observe. Cream cans are stacked by a truck.

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Manitoba Farm; The Farm Yard

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Self-Portrait with Jane

Nude female child standing up, being supported by a nude woman whose head is not visible. Numerous small figures peering out of windows in background at right side of composition.

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Bull in Hislop's Barn

Bull laying down in a barn

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Fir trees in middleground and background;stumps in foreground

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Cover for “The Beaver” Christmas Issue

Winter landscape with fir trees; Male figure on snowshoes, with a heavily laden sleigh is waving to a woman, in the distance, standing in front of a house.

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Bird's eye view of landscape overlooking hills and trees

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Study of a Reed

Study of a reed. On the stem at the point where leaves appear, both a new shoot and a dying one are starting from the same node

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Abstract rendition of a bird

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Dream Landscape

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Man, Horse and Cart

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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch with four large pumpkins; wheat stooks in the background.

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Old St. John's Cathedral

Scene depicting two people in a churchyard. One woman kneels by a tombstone, a second woman stands beside her. Both hold red flowers. The graveyard is heavily treed. Portion of stone church is visible at left.

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Study for Abstract in Green and Gold

Abstract composition of sphere-shaped objects in hues of green and gold

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Harford Bridge, Peter Tavy, Devon

Landscape with bridge over a stream. In the background, leafless trees and hills.

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House in Forest Clearing on Laundry Day

House in a clearing with laundry hanging on a clothesline; forest in the background.

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