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Edge of the Lake

Landscape with forest and trees

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Purple Grackle

Purple Grackle

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Portrait of Elizabeth Norquay

Head and shoulders portrait of the woman, Elizabeth Norquay

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The Village Blacksmith

Blacksmith, nude from the waist up, working at a forge

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Four Poppies in a Vase

Four poppies in a vase against a green background

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Fort Garry 1871

Scene depicting Fort Garry. Two First Nations individuals by a teepee at left foreground. River runs through mid-ground. In background is walled fort within which are buildings.

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Fort Garry 1882

Scene depicting Fort Garry. Road in foreground leads to stone gate of fort at right. Wooden fence extends from gate. Dwelling at left within fort walls.

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The Building of Fort William

Landscape with mountain in background and lake in foreground, with logs washed up on shore. Men in a boat near the shore bringing in more logs. 2 figures in a canoe near the shoreline.

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Fort Garry

Upper Fort Garry with the British flag flying. In front of the fort are several tents, a teepee, a Red River cart together with several figures.

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Voyageurs Resting at the Portage

Group of voyageurs resting on the shore at the portage. Two canoes are pulled up on the shore.

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Peace Celebrations After 1914-18 War in Front of City Hall, Winnipeg

Scene of a peace celebration following the end of World War I done in an impressionistic style. The artist's viewpoint is from the stone porch of the ‘old' City Hall and in the background is the North West Rebellion Monument.

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Wharf Beaupré

Sailboats at the wharf in Beaupre, Quebec

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Summer Landscape near Stowe, Vermont

Hillside landscape with mountains in the background near Stowe, Vermont

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Potato Patch, Snowflake

Man in overalls wearing a wide-brimmed hat hoeing potatoes; house on hill in background

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Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a seated woman in a white dress with hands clasped on her lap

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Marine Scene

Work is a combination of low relief, sculpture and painting, which depicts a marine scene. A sculpted tall ship navigates through a strait. throughout the composition, are numerous islands modelled in low relief in gesso. Three white buildings, two in relief, populate the islands. Two couples, too large for the scale of the buildings and islands, appear to be searching for something or someone. There is a woman stranded on a small island directly behind the tall ship. Waves are crashing against the shoreline of this island and she is in an agitated state. A small boat with six occupants can just be discerned in the water coming to her resuce. The background is flat, without relief, and shows a blue sky, brown mountains and a green tree line.

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Woman/Demon with Child Inside

Cast against a background of diagonal bands of colour a female beast figure stands full frontal to the viewer, bisecting the center of the canvas. the figure appears to be covered in fur with festherred wings for arms. From her feet grow long, curled talons. Wild, bushy hair covers her head. To her right, a serpent bites her hip. The left side of the canvas is painted in dark browns and black. Inside the beast, standing tall, is a young girl dressed white pointing towards three doves.

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Paysage le soir

At centre middleground - man in rowboat near marshy riverbank at left; flat, wooden barge behind man; grassy, treed land at left; flat land at right

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Indian Teepees

River in bottom foreground; two teepees on riverbank at left centre middleground; three teepees at right centre background

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Irish Emigrant

Young man in tattered beige coat/jacket with walking stick, from which basket hangs, over his left shoulder

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Serenity, Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods, Ontario; buildings on a far shore; treed islands in right foreground

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Edge of the Forest

Edge of forest; thick ground growth in foreground; trees in various fall tones beyond

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Tree Movement

Large pine tree dominating centre of composition

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Hill Top

Rock and gnarled trees; blue sky

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Sounds Assembling

Abstract composition; sharply angled geometric design in tones of bright orange, yellow, green and blue in foreground; Background whorls of blue, mauve, plum; Neutral-coloured star forms a focal point for mauve tones leading to it and meeting there.

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