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Batchawana Falls

Mountain waterfall

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Portrait of an Old Woman

Portrait of old woman in black shawl and white bonnet

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Fort Garry 1879

Scene of Upper Fort Garry in winter. Man in front of the fort with team of dogs and dog sled.

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St. Clements Church

St. Clements Church, near Selkirk, Manitoba, with adjacent cemetery

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La Cloche

Landscape with shoreline in foreground; water and La Cloche Hills in background with clear sky

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La Cloche Landscape of Cranberry Lake Looking East

This is a double-sided work. Cranberry Lake, Ontario in the foreground with La Cloche Hills rising up from its shoreline. The sky is heavily clouded. On the reverse is a landscape with mountains.

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Farm Scene with Buildings and Bridge in Foreground

Farm with cluster of buildings in a hilly landscape. Fence and bridge in the foreground

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Landscape of Southern Ontario with Elm Trees

Elm trees dominating the foreground with buildings in background

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Hills, Cranberry Lake

Hilly landscape with trees in foreground

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Landscape of Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario landscape with trees

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Town of Bradford, Ontario in slightly rolling landscape with hills in the background

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Fort Garry

Upper Fort Garry viewed from across the Red River with 2 adjacent houses. First Nations man canoeing on the river.

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Calm Waters near the Camp

Landscape with lake in the foreground, with what appears to be a dock on the shore. Flagpole, with flag, at the extreme right on the shore. Hills in the distance.

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Early Snow

Trees in a snowy landscape

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Begonia with numerous flowers and leaves

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Still Life with Top Hat, Stone Fragment, Glass Ball and Tumbler

Still life with a top hat, stone fragment, glass ball and tumbler. The stone fragment has an eye engraved upon it.

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Coach Shed, Beloeil, Quebec

Coach shed in Beloeil, Quebec with large, front double doors. Small building to the left. Flowers and shrubs in the front together with birds.

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Richelieu River, Beloeil, Quebec

Richelieu River, Beloeil, Quebec with ferry. House visible on the opposite shore.

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Beloeil, Quebec

Small ferry docked on bank of a river with a car and figure on it at Beloeil, Quebec. On the opposite shore the spire of a church is visible.

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Sunlit Rocks, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sunlit rocks at Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The Dell, California

California landscape with bush and trees in the foreground and a mountain visible in the background.

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La Canyada, California

California landscape with mountains in background with tall tree in foreground and grasses

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Clear Lake, Manitoba

Landscape with Clear Lake in the background with pine trees in the foreground

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Mouth of the Moisie Looking Seaward

The artist sits on a log sketching. It appears to be at the mouth of the Moisie River, Labrador where it opens to the St. Lawrence River. Boats are moored in the river. On the shore are teepees and buildings, some of which are on stilts.

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On Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Alberta with Rocky Mountains in the background

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