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Evening Rochester

River in foreground with what appear to be ships moored along the dock. In the background is a square tower.

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Indian Encampment

First Nations encampment with two teepees beside a river. A canoe, with a paddle propped up beside it, is moored on the grassy bank. A clothesline, on which is hung a blanket and trousers, is strung between two trees. A figure, with its back to the viewer, is walking down a path towards the teepees.

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Head and shoulders self-portrait of William Hind

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Fishing from a Boat

Two men in a boat, one of whom is fishing. The lake has a rocky shore with mountains surrounding it.

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Manitoba River Scene

Man paddling a canoe across a river. On top of the canoe is a Red River Cart wheel. On the shore are horses grazing, two Red River carts and figures seated on the ground. On the opposite shore is a house.

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Shooting Grouse

Man hunting grouse in a forest with a rifle. Two grouse are perched on a tree limb.

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Moose Hunting, Winter, Manitoba

Hunter snowshoeing with a rifle resting on his shoulder and with a hatchet slung under his belt. In the distance is a moose.

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All Saints' Church

All Saints' Church, Broadway & Osborne, Winnipeg, Manitoba in the winter. In the foreground, a man driving a one-horse sleigh; in the background, two women pedestrians.

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Portrait of a Lady

Three quarter length figure of a woman from an upper middle class background. She sits in a chair, hands relaxed, one holding a handkerchief, with an intense expression.

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The Stone Fort, Red River

Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, on the Red River. In the foreground, a man walking toward the Fort's open gate

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Lower Fort Garry

View of Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, in the summer, with expanse of prairie beyond the Fort. The Red River is visible in the foreground

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Landscape with ruined mansion at right background; tree at right of mansion; foreground in front of mansion: - man on horse, woman holding baby, child at feet, several sheep; river at left of mansion, house or castle in distant background.

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Breaking up Camp in Winter - Manitobah

A group of First Nations individuals breaking up camp in the winter in Manitoba. Several individuals have bundled up teepees on their back.

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Boat at Dry Dock

Large boat at dry dock

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Bouquet of pansies in a vase

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Bowl of Fruit

A bowl of fruit

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English Cuts of Mutton

Varioius cuts of mutton scattered on a multi-coloured background

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An assortment of fruit in bowls and plates on a red background

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Still-life with fruit

Still life with grapes and other fruit

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Jim Morrison

Portrait, rendered in blue, of the late singer, Jim Morrison

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Head and shoulders image of a dog with his mouth wide open

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Extreme close-up portrait of a man’s face

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Extreme close-up of the artist’s wife, Margaret Priest

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Brando as Napoleon

Portrait of Marlon Brando as Napoleon

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Jacques at Versailles

A white rooster

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