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An omelette on a plate

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crush what is left baby boy/not enough hours in the day fuckface

A large figure towers over two fragile little creatures

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Calamut: Dive

Two men - the artist’s husband and son- diving into a lake

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Two figures: to the left in red is the Angel Gabriel and to the right in blue is the Virgin Mary. Gabriel looks directly at Mary and gestures with his hands. Mary’s gaze is averted, downcast. In the style of Byzantine icons, the gowns and drapery are painted in a stylized manner, whereas the faces are much more detailed. The halos are in gold leaf in relief. The background is painted gold with applied mesh over top. The background is sparse with Cyrillic writing and a depiction of a Byzantine basilica. The imagery carries onto the well of the frame, with a host of blue-draped angels in various positions witnessing the event. The outer component of the commercial frame remains plain.

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Crucifixion (Naïve)

The icon is a replica of a Carpathian icon from the Presov region, Ukraine. Influenced by Carpathian idols, the central composition of Christ on the cross with three women to his right and three men to his left, presumably these include the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdelene and St. John the Baptist. In the background rises a simplified city scene with churches prominent. Two angels in roundels continue the symmetrical composition at the top of the panel. The work is supported on panel and all non-painted areas of the work are sheathed in copper inlay, built up of small rectangular and square pieces of the metal fused together. The frame is hand-fashioned, simply constructed, the outer component painted.

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Corner of Park in England in June

A landscape showing a lush garden filled with blooming flowers in England in June.

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River Scene

A landscape showing a river flowing through wooded hills.

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Waist-length portrait of a woman with large, penetrating eyes, wearing a blue sweater and red garment underneath.

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Müdes Blumenmädchen (Tired Flower Girl)

Portrait of a woman in a blue dress sitting at a table with tulips for sale.

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Flute Player

A man playing a flute painted in a semi-abstract style.

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Winter Harvest

A team of horses pulling a skid sled of logs through the snow as the driver sits on top of the logs. In the background, a vibrant red sun is setting in a colourful sky.

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A still-life of a red flowering plant in a tan pot.

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Waist-length portrait of a woman with long black hair with three silhouetted men standing in the background.

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Uncompleted painting. Landscape of Granada, Spain with a cluster of houses in the foreground and mountains in the background.

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Mädchen in Gelb (Girl in Yellow)

Waist-length portrait of a woman resting her chin in her right hand

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Barcelona (Blick auf nächtliche Stadt) (Barcelona (View of the City at Night))

A cityscape showing Barcelona, Spain at night. Mountains are visible in the background and a full moon with halo is in the sky.

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Mann am Meer (Man by the Sea)

A waist-length portrait of a man with his right hand in his shirt and the sea in background.

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Lago di Lecco

A Mediterranean landscape with a cluster of houses in the foreground and a mountain in the background. The houses are surrounded by palm trees and cypresses.

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Still Life

Bouquet of zinnias in a vase

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Die Beichte (The Confession)

A view of a dark church interior showing a man and woman praying in the foreground. The woman is wearing a green dress and is on her knees, the man is wearing a red robe and standing but both have their hands folded in prayer. In the background, men and women are on their knees reaching toward the altar at which a priest is standing in front of a crucifix with his hands outstretched as if giving a sermon. The whole composition has a dramatic blue-green hue.

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Vol d'oies

Geese in flight

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Train Yards 1

Train yard with a water tower and box car on a siding

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Prairie landscape with clouds and a highway with hydro poles along one side

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Train Yards 2

Box car pulled up next to an elevator; a water tower in the distance

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Farm Yard

Farm yard with a house and barn; milk cans on a stand by the side of a road

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