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Oak Mapping

A rubbing of an oak tree

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A lone figure watching a white screen set against a dark blue background.

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People of Pangnirtung

Family group putting ashore from their skin umiak (boat) with an older woman being carried ashore. In the background, is the spectacular fiord that forms the landscape surrounding the present-day community of Pangnirtung, on the east coast of Baffin Island. In the centre of the landscape is Pangnirtung Pass which allows entry to the mountains of Auyuittuq National Park.

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Wing of Parliament Building, Ottawa, Ontario

View of a wing of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario in the fall.

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An ape, holding a branch, standing next to an orange, tear-drop like form.

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Horse (Untitled No. 1, In the Absence of Horses)

Stylized horse

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A woman clad in a black lingerie holding a laptop, the screen of which is facing the viewer. On the screen is an extreme close-up of a leopard’s face

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A headless dinosaur laying on the ground; another dinosaur is holding the head and eating it

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A narwhal in an ocean which has a large ball on the end of its tusk

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A zebra, holding an umbrella, resting within a cave

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Bees, The Ancients

Bees set against the wall of a cave

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Ice Swan, Natural Habitat

A swan together with images of pyramid-like structures

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A brown dog curled up against a pink background

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Several quokkas, which are small marsupials, in a hilly landscape; flowering plant in the foreground

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A woman dressed as a unicorn.

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Xmas Beast All Occasion Card

A large, rabbit-like beast with a moustache and beard

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Yogi Bear

A boy and girl, sprawled on the floor, watching a Yogi Bear cartoon on television. A floral couch together with an orange ottoman are in the room together with a piece of Blue Mountain pottery on top of the TV.

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Landscape with Figures and Classical Ruins

Two men and a woman seated in a treed landscape with mountains and a lake in the distance. In the background, are castle-like buildings and ruins

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Landscape with Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Joseph, Mary and Jesus resting while on their flight to Egypt. A shepherd with his sheep and dog are near them. In the distance are mountains

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Birds Hill

Rocky and treed landscape surrounding what appears to be a quarry at Birds Hill, Manitoba; several boxcars are on a rail siding.

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Red River Fishing Boats, Winnipeg

Two fishing boats on the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba; city skyline in the background

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Bombed out buildings, with a derelict tank, in Italy during World War II; a soldier together with two other figures are on the street

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Birds Hill

Landscape at Birds Hill, Manitoba with a body of water; on the far shore are a cluster of buildings

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Sand Tower, Winnipeg

Industrial site with a tower, boxcars and pile of sand in foreground in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Road to the Lakes

One panel depicts a man walking along a road flanked by cliffs with forest and lake in the background; the other, a hilly road flanked by cliffs

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