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Sketch at Elm Beach, Red River

People relaxing on Elm Beach along the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Broadway at Night

Broadway, Winnipeg at night, in the spring

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Gilgo Park - Near Jones Beach, New York

Figures relaxing on the sand on Jones Beach, New York, several of whom are under beach umbrellas

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Central Park, NY

Central Park, New York set against the city skyline

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Looking Down on Garden - London

A heavily treed garden in London, England

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Abstract composition

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Hunger Strike in Ottawa for Valentyn Moroz

Students in front of the Soviet Embassy, Ottawa, protesting the arrest and incarceration of Ukrainian historian Valentyn Moroz in Vladimir Prison, Vladimir, Russia. In the foreground, members of the general public shuffle by a semi-circle of protesters, who show their dedication to their cause through their placards and by refusing the plates of food offered to them by figures outside the picture plane. In the background, the Soviet embassy is depicted as a white block with trompe l’oeil trees painted on at least one side, suggesting Kurelek’s lack of trust for the Soviet diplomats. Arising from, and contained within, the white block embassy is an iron cage containing, it is presumed, Valentyn Moroz. The image on the side of the cage depicts the scales of justice weighing on the side of Soviet Communism (the hammer and sickle) rather than itself (a smaller version of the scales of justice).

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Along the Red River

Boat on the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba; city skyline in the background

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Still Life with Clock-Face and Tiles

Two bottles, a blue teapot and a clock on a black and white checkered floor. The clock is missing its hands.

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Roads (Messiaen #2)

Large trees dominating the landscape on both sides with dense, dark foliage in the foreground. A narrow road flanked by foliage extends into the distance.

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Abstract composition in red and pink with a splash of white in the centre

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Little Metis

Treed hill with granite outcroppings at base. Lake in the background with a house and barn near the shore. On the far shore is a lighthouse.

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Cascades Gatineau

Landscape in Cascades, Québec with a lake and mountains; birch trees in the foreground together with logs on the lakeshore

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Cascades Gatineau

Railway running through a treed landscape in Cascades,Québec ; a weathered, clapboard building in the distance

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Portrait d’un notable de l’époque

A head and shoulders formal portrait of a man wearing a black suit, white shirt and bow tie

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Natives of Bechuanaland

Group of men in the process of what appears to be pottery making

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Negrich Family Threshing Outfit

Threshing scene, c. 1920s, on the Negrich family homestead, Venlaw, Manitoba. A threshing machine, a tractor together with several horse-drawn hay wagons are part of the harvest activity. The field is dotted with stooks of wheat. To the side, the harvest crew is having lunch.

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Farmer Haying

A farmer shovelling hay

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Rubber Lips

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman with dark, chin-length hair and very large eyes and lips

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Waist-length portrait of woman with long hair and wearing a orange T-shirt

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Doulton/Pink Dress

Woman wearing a floor-length, pink, flowing gown. In one hand she is holding a fan and the other holds one edge of the dress. Flowers are pinned to one shoulder

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Spikey Hair

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman with spiky, dark hair

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Wheat Harvesting Near Winnipeg

Four women, wearing long sleeved blouses, long skirts and kerchiefs on their heads, stooking wheat

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Country Elevator with Horses and Field of Hay

Grain elevator set in a field of hay in which are a pair of horses

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Shack and Walkway over Water

Wooden building and shacks on an island connected to shore by a wooden walkway. In the foreground, several men standing among barrels and lumber. Another man is pulling up to shore in a rowboat.

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