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MB: Winnipeg, C.P.R. Shops

Machinist in the C.P.R. shops

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MB: Winnipeg, Imperial Oil Refinery

Aerial view of Imperial Oil Refinery

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MB: Winnipeg, C.N.R. Symington Rail Yards

Aerial view of C.N.R. Symington rail yards

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MB: Lynn Lake Area S.G.M. Open-Pit Orebody at Fox Mine - to South of Lynn Lake

Aerial view of an open pit ore mine near Lynn Lake, Manitoba

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MB: Portage la Prairie Area - Combining of Swathed Wheat Field

Aerial view of three combines swathing in a wheat field near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Portage Avenue at Smith Street

View of Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - The Famous Portage and Main Intersection

Intersection of Portage and Main, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Lombard Street in the Financial District

View of Lombard Street in the Financial District, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Typical River Heights Family at Home

Family of four, with their dog, in the living room. The mother is knitting and the two children are reading with the father looking on.

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MB: Winnipeg - Recreation Room at a Typical River Heights Area Home

Woman reading to a baby girl seated next to her on a sofa. A boy and girl are wearing pyjamas.

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MB: Gimli Area - Tractor Train Hauls Supplies to Ice Fishing Camps on Lake Winnipeg

Tractor train near Gimli, Manitoba on frozen Lake Winnipeg

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MB: Transcona - Welder, Peter Bedard, at Western Flyer Bus Factory

Pete Bedard, a welder, working at the Western Flyer bus factory, Transcona, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Motor Coach Industries Ltd. Assembly Line for Highway Buses

Men working on a bus on the Motor Coach Industries bus assembly line, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Vulcan Iron and Engineering Ltd.

Welder in the Vulcan Iron and Engineering Ltd. plant, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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MB: Lynn Lake Area- S.G.M. Fairly Mine

S.G.M. Fairly Mine, Lynn Lake, Manitoba. A truck is parked in the foreground

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MB: Lynn Lake - S.G.M. at Hoist House, Miners Wait to Go Underground

Miners waiting to go underground in the hoist house, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

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MB: Winnipeg - Sekine of Canada, Ltd. - Bicycle Factory

Woman putting spokes into a bicycle wheel at the Sekine Bicycle Factory in Winnipeg

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Grandfather Remembers

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Lovers, Budapest

A couple embracing, foliage in background

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Tender Touch, Bilinski

A couple standing in a field; the man has his hand on the woman's buttocks

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Circus, Budapest

A man and a woman peering through the cracks in a wooden fence

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At a café, Paris

A man wearing a three piece suit and a straw hat is seated at a small round table in the corner of a café; advertisements on wall in background

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Celebration in Montparnasse after the first futurist ballet, Paris

A group of people celebrating around a large table; art work with nudes in background.

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In a Bistro, Paris

Four men in a bistro seated around an iron stove

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Lajos Tihanyi and friends, Café du Dome, Paris

Clusters of people seated at an outdoor café; in foreground a couple are preparing to leave their three companions who are still seated at the table

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