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Clochards, Paris

Three men around a drinking fountain; one man is shaving while another man holds a mirror for him

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Meudon, France

A man holding a parcel crossing a street; bridge with train crossing it in background

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On the quais, Paris

A man wearing an overcoat, bowler hat, and holding a walking stick behind his back, is standing with his back to the viewer, looking down a tree-lined quais; two figures approaching from the opposite direction

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Piana, Corsica

Men, wearing similar garb, seated in a row on a wall running along the front and side of the exterior of a church

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Transport, Braila, Rumania

A man seated on a rucksack beside a covered wooden cart; in foreground two small dogs are seated by some boxes

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Wandering Violinist, Hungary (The Violinist’s Tune. Abony, Hungary, 1921)

A man crossing a dirt roadway while playing a violin; a barefoot young boy is at his side; a small child is in background

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Quatuor, Paris

Four musicians seated around a music stand playing their instruments

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Gypsy Children, Esztergom

Two small nude children kissing in a field

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The Puppy, Paris

A young boy holding up a tiny puppy

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Card Players, Paris

Five young boys sitting in a circle playing cards

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Ernest, Paris

A young boy in a schoolroom standing beside his desk

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Little Geese, Esztergom

A young girl sitting in a field with goslings on her lap

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Boulevard Malesherbes at midday, Paris

Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris, crowded with motor vehicles and pedestrians

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Place de l'Opera, Paris

Bird's eye view of cars and pedestrians on street

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Porte St Denis, Paris

A bicycle parked at a street curb; stairs off a sidewalk lead to a courtyard area with trees and billboards

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Securite, Paris

A stooped old man holding a bag in each hand is standing in front of a large advertising sign

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Dubonnet, Paris

A woman sitting on a bench in front of a wall with posters on it advertising "Dubonnet"

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Rue du Chateau, Paris

View looking down rue du Chateau, Paris, towards Eiffel Tower in the distance

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Carrefour (Carrefour, Blois)

Bird's eye view of the intersection of a cobblestone street showing bicycle riders and a horse and cart

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Siesta, Paris

People sleeping on a sidewalk lined with trees

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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Bird's eye view, taken from the interior of the Eiffel Tower, of the square below

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Pont des Arts, Paris

Bird's eye view, seen through the clear face of a clock, of people walking over a bridge leading to a large building

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Bird's eye view of shingled rooftops, chimney pots, cobblestone streets, and people walking down a flight of steps

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Shadows, Paris

A bird's eye view of the shadows of four people walking along a sidewalk

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Bocskay Tér, Budapest

Night time shot of a man walking alongside the wall of a building upon which his shadow is cast; cobblestone street in foreground; outlines of buildings and a tree in background

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