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Fork, Paris

The shadow of a fork resting on a plate is cast on the surface on which the objects are sitting

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Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe, Paris

Still life depicting two pairs of glasses beside a pipe resting in a small bowl containing loose tobacco

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Chez Mondrian, Paris

Flower in vase on table; staircase in background

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Chairs of Paris, Paris

Empty chairs; in the background a woman is walking on the Champs Elysees

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Av. des Champs Elysees, Paris (Chairs of Paris, Paris)

A row of empty chairs casting shadows on the road

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Chairs, Paris

Folding chairs with wooden slats in front of a concrete and wrought iron fence; walkway receding into distance

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The Incorrigible, Paris

"Classical" female sculpture amidst debris

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Window, Paris

Two busts appear to be looking out a dormer window

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Study Nude, New York

A nude female photographed from the neck down, has her arms crossed over the top of a plaster cast of a woman's face, which has been placed in front of her lower body

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Satiric Dancer, Paris

A woman wearing high heels and a strapless short dress reclining on a divan; statue of nude torso to left; photograph of statue of nude female on wall

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Homing Ship, New York

Park setting with a large puddle in foreground; in background a person is carrying a toy yacht which obscures the upper portion of his body

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Fan, New York

A man's arm extending through a gap in the blades of a fan

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Wooden Horses, Paris

Wooden horses and figures on a cart

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Lion & Shadow, New York

A shadow of a figure on a doorway; the head of a ceramic lion can be seen through the glass on the doorway's upper portion

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Real Clochards, Paris

Steps leading down to a quais that is littered with paper and has people lying on it

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A man sitting at a table in a corner café, smoking a cigarette

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My Mother's Hands, Budapest

A woman's hands; the left hand gripping the index finger of the right hand

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A Black Cat, Porte Saint Denis

A black cat crossing Porte Saint Denis, Paris

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Cello Study, Paris

The strings of a cello

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Swimming, Duna Haraszti

A man submerged in water up to his neck; his image reflected in the water creating a duplicate effect

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Alone, Paris

A man walking across a cobblestone square

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Tuileries Garden, Paris

Children playing in a circle behind a statue, enclosed by a wire fence, of children and a cat

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Luxembourg Garden, Paris

Laughing children

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Broken Plate, Paris

Reflection of buildings in a window pane that has been broken at centre

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Distortion #48, Paris

Vertical distortion of the legs and torso of a nude female; curvilinear motifs in background

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