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Sykes Monkey, Southport, England

A Sykes monkey in a Southport, England zoo

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Lesser Kudu, Basel, Switzerland

A Lesser kudu in a Basel, Switzerland zoo

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Elephant, Budapest

An elephant in a Budapest zoo

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White Rhinoceros, Cleveland

A white rhinoceros in a Cleveland zoo

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African Hunting Dogs, San Antonio, Texas

African Hunting Dogs in a San Antonio, Texas zoo

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Lion, Dresden

A lion in a Dresden zoo

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White Rhinoceros, Chester, England

A White rhinoceros in a Chester, England zoo

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Sun Conures, Mablethorpe, England

Sun Conures in a Mablethorpe, England zoo

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Lion, Leipzig, Germany

A lion in a Leipzig, Germany zoo

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Black Naped Fruit Dove, Memphis, Tennessee

A Black Naped Fruit Dove in a Memphis, Tennessee zoo

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Sun Bears, Jackson, Mississippi

Sun Bears in a Jackson, Mississippi zoo

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Giraffe, San Antonio, Texas

A giraffe in a San Antonio, Texas zoo

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Orangutan, Budapest

An orangutan in a Budapest zoo

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Gelada Baboons, Brownsville, Texas

Gelada Baboons in a Brownsville, Texas zoo

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Hippopotamus, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago

Hippopotamas in Brookfield Zoo, Chicago

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Orangutans, Toronto

Orangutans in a Toronto zoo

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Rainbow Lory, Memphis, Tennessee

Rainbow Lory in a Memphis, Tennessee zoo

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Baby Hippopotamus, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Baby hippopotamus in a Gelsenkirchen, Germany zoo

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Sleeping Lion, Jacksonville, Florida

Sleeping lion in a Jacksonville, Florida zoo

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Gorilla, Toronto

Gorilla in a Toronto zoo

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Orangutan, Krefeld, Germany

Orangutan in a Krefeld, Germany zoo

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Patas Monkeys, Racine, Wisconsin

Patas Monkeys in a Racine, Wisconsin zoo

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Hamadryas Baboon, Oakland, California

Hamadryas Baboon in an Oakland, California zoo

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Cavies, Pineridge Zoo, Ontario

Cavies in the Pineridge, Ontario zoo

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Patas Monkey, Basset Animal Farm, Cape Cod

Patas Monkey in the Basset Animal Farm, Cape Cod

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