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The Fair at Gondreville

Gathering of people on horseback and foot by large trees; thatch- roofed buildings at right, left and in distance

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Coat of Arms with a Cock

Coat of arms with cock atop metal helmet

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The Sea Monster and the Beast with the Lamb's Horns

Mythological composition with monarch figure at t.c., angels at t.l. and t.r., sea monsters at c. and group of people at b. From the Apocalypse,

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Shepherd and Shepherdess Conversing

2 shepherds resting by rock in b.r. foreground; flock of goats and cattle beside and around them; landscape of lush foliage, lake and mountains; tall buildings in c.r. of image

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Mediaeval village scene; shepherd and angels gathered around the Holy Child

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Veduta della Basilica de S. Lorenzo fuor delle mura

Massive basillica with pillared entrance; large clock tower at t.r., monument at l.c. foreground; scattered people in basillica courtyard

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Beggar Man and Beggar Woman Conversing

Beggar man and beggar woman conversing

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Old Man Seated, with Flowing Beard, Fur Cap and Velvet Cloak

Portrait of seated man with long beard; fur cap and robe

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The Great Northwest

Abstract composition

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New Order (Landscape)

Abstract composition

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The Battle of Fish Creek

Colour Lithograph. Battle scene along the south branch of the 'River Saskatchewan'

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St. Nicholas du Chardonnel

View of buildings (cathedral) at street corner

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Amiens Cathedral and Market

Waterfront view of Amiens Cathedral and market

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Boy Riding a Horse

Young boy on galloping pony; 2 dogs in chase, in front of pony

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Boats at Chelsea dock, low tide

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The Mill and Trysting Thorn, Where Nancy aft I Courted

Young man with arm around young woman; both by large boulder in forest clearing.

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At Length I Reached the Bonnie Glen, Where Early Life I Sported

Young Scottish soldier walking through path in forest, approaching village

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Wha Spied I but my ain Dear Maid And Turned me Round to Hide the Flood Down by her Mother's Dwelling; That in my een was Swelling.

Young Scottish soldier standing by wooden bridge; one hand covering eyes; trees, thatch-roofed cottages and young woman on other side of bridge at right

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Sae Wistfully she Gazed on me, And Lovlier Grew than Ever; Quo she; 'A Sodger One I Lo'ed, Forget him Shall I Never'.

Young woman by stream bidding farewell to her Scottish soldier husband; dog behind woman

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She Gazed, - she Reddened like a Rose, - Sive Pale as any Lily; She Sank within my Arms and Cried... 'Art thou my ain Dear Willie?'

Young woman being embraced by Scottish soldier; terrier dog at their feet

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Mony a Sweet Babe Fatherlefs And Mony A Widow Mourning

Two women each weeping and sitting on chair cradling youngsters

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The Queen, from The Regal Set

Queen Victoria in blue riding dress, riding side saddle on white horse; castle in t.l. background; 2 dogs in b.l. foreground, 3 men in red, on horseback at r. middleground

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H.R.H. Prince Albert from The Regal Set; Prince Albert

Prince Albert on horseback, right arm extended in greeting, hat in hand, castle and crowd of people in background.

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Theological Discussion, San Marino

Bird's eye view of two clergymen talking by stone wall of building on cobblestone street

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The Fall of Ninevah

Image depicting the destruction of the ancient city of Nineveh; crowds of people on massive staircase in foreground; sea wall and water at middleground; fire and lightening at t.l.

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