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Colour Woodcut. Woman in canoe paddling through water lilies

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Mount Schaeffer

Colour Woodcut. Rocks and trees in foreground; mountain in background; fluffy clouds

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The Diving Board

Colour Woodcut. A young girl sitting on edge of board, legs reflected in water

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Warren's Landing

Colour Woodcut. 3 men on dock/wharf; village in t.r. background

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Dulse Gatherers on the Coast Near Carleton, N.B.

Horse and cart, man and woman on beach, near buildings

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Colour Woodcut. Sailing vessel dry-docked

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Colour Woodcut. Pigeons in flight and feeding

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Destruction of the Tablets

Abstract composition

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Al Dolo

City canal scene; large buildings on either side of canal; numerous boats on water; wooden carts, people in b.r. foreground

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Phillipp Melanchthon

Head and shoulders portrait of Phillipp Melanchthon

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Beer Street

Village market: in b. foreground, large woman sits by table, drinking beer; large man carries beer to same table; older man fondles young girl at same table; sign painter stands on ladder painting sign at t.l.; scaffolding against brick building in c. background; large wicker basket of books in b.r. foreground

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Gin Lane

Village scene of death, drunkeness and destruction; drunken woman sitting on steps in c. foreground, her baby falls from her exposed breast over step railing; drunken skeletal man at bottom of stairs in b.r. foreground, dog at his right, left hand clutches bottle which is in wicker basket; in background - scattered drunken people, man hanging from rope in second storey of building at t.r.

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The Angel of the Resurrection

Angel in swirling garment, in purposeful stride; left arm raised above head

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Sonnenaufgang (Kleinstadt) (Sunrise in a Small Town)

Bird's eye view of Kleinstadt, Germany; large cathedral at center of composition; sun at t.r.

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Le Petit Pont

Large brick building attached with stone bridge over waterway; people in boats on water; people on pathway in b.r. foreground

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Inès et son Enfant

Woman holding child on lap

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Window with Jug

A still-life with a jug on a window sill with a view of the rooftop of the Juvenile Detention Hall, on Memorial Boulevard, as viewed through a window from the Winnipeg School of Art then located on Broadway.

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Arts Building University of Manitoba

A view of the top floor and roof of a building with a chimney from the window of another building at the University of Manitoba. The edge of a brick wall is visible on the left side of the print.

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Rooftops, Civic Auditorium

A view of the rooftops of the Civic Auditoriums from an adjacent window.

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Harvest Season

A landscape showing haystacks in a field at dawn or dusk.

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View from Window

A view of an empty street on a snowy night from a window. There is a street lamp on and several bare trees in view around the houses.

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Unsigned (Trees and Houses)

A view across the street from a yard of the sidewalk and the barren trees in between on a snowy winter night.

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Roof Tops and Trees

A view of the roof of a house and a barren tree on a winter night.

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Trees and Streets

A view across the street from the sidewalk. There are seven trees in the yards and across the street a house porch is visible.

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